Monday, August 15, 2011

Slingshot working overtime

Lately there are so many things that needed to be done. Hopefully things will work out but again I am in doubt. Why? I see Slingshot hands moving again. This is very dangerous.

Slingshot is by nature a shadow that moves silently and waits for the kill. But now Slingshot is moving openly. I believe Slingshot knows that the grand finale got to be executed now or be lost forever.

Slingshot uses politic as a playing field to get things done. Money is not the problem. In fact after this finale, the whole country - Malaysia legally belongs to Slingshot alone. Not this Malay or Mamak Malay or UMNO or Perkasa or whatever donkey party.

It started with Penang and it lasted for a few years. Slingshot was calling the shots and then DAP had to spoil everything. But opportunity came again in Malacca. A couple years down the road Slingshot became bored and started searching again.

Today Najib and Rosmah are desperate to remain as Prime Ministers. So they have come to an understanding with Slingshot.

So to all the Malaysians and UMNO bastards, Najib and Rosmah are now officially the PUPPETS dancing to the tune of Slingshot.

So what will the out come for the 13th General Election be?

If I win the lottery today I will take my family and leave this country with only the clothes on our backs.

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Rwna said...

To all DAP and MCA bastard, the Malay will still rule Malaysia for Today, Tomorrow and Forever as this is our country. Where were you all when we fight the communist, coward. Now you want to claim Malaysia as yours. You all are a greedy race and never know to appreciate. Once a bastard, always a bastard

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