Friday, August 5, 2011

JAIS and Hasan Ali out to control and bully innocent people



1. To induce someone to convert to one’s own religious faith.

2. To induce someone to join one’s own political party or to espouse one’s doctrine.

To be a Malaysian is so hard today. I grew up in a mix environment where Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasians are treated as one. I knew everyone was different because of language, custom and religion. I am from a closely knitted community. My family celebrated every single festival and our cookies and cakes were baked for a regime. Those days we did not have ready make pineapple paste for our tarts. So imagine cutting and chopping basket full of pineapples. My house would be like an open oven steaming hot but the smell was heavenly. Being the youngest I had the priviledge of licking whatever batter is left in the bowls and spoons before washing them.

Weddings were many then because my mum was a headmistress. So when her students got married we were invited. We attended the ceremonies in church, temples and homes. For lunches and dinners everyone (Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians) sat on the same table. Back then there were no fuss about halal and haram food being served. Everybody respected and knew the Malays cannot eat pork, Chinese cannot eat beef, Indians are vegetarian and of course Eurasians ate everything. Basically everyone knew what to eat and what not to eat.

We attended funerals for all faith and many other ceremonies back then that people observe.

Then we had Ariff, a mamak muslim who stayed with us for several years. We share our food and not once did we force him to eat pork, we respected him. Every Christmas Eve he would follow us to church for mass, have supper and next day everyone including Ariff would get a Christmas gift.

Once in a while Ariff’s father would drop by to say hello or ask whether we need anything from India because so and so is coming to Malaysia.

People of mixed culture and religion were allowed to date, party, gather and do things openly without worrying whether this is halal, haram or proselyte.

For the past 17 years, I find that people in UMNO has become extremist, worst than PAS. I understand people in UMNO want to portray an image of being the most holy. But honestly UMNO cronies and members are the biggest crooks and liars in the world.

People in Jais and Hasan Ali especially should concentrate their effort to fight more dangerous crime than raiding a dinner gathering and falsely accuse the church of proselytisation.

What is wrong with saying the word “Quran and Pray”at the dinner? Have JAIS and Hasan Ali forgotten all the Malay weddings held in Hotels, the Imam will say the Muslim prayer before the start of the ceremony. Did anyone (non-muslim) got angry and claim PROSELYTISATION? Maybe now the Church can use the same excuse to raid all the Malay weddings.

So WHY! Why!

It would be good if JAIS can close all the 4 ekor shops, stop human trafficking, drug abuse among the Malay youth, child prostitution, close all the illegal casinos run by police, UMNO cronies, Dato and Tan Sri. Raid the illegal activities of the UMNO elite and Royalty and many others. All these are consider haram in Islam, so why is JAIS and Hasan Ali not doing anything.

JAIS and Hasan Ali this Ramadan is to do good not seek control and bully innocent people.

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