Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chinese Muslim are also consider SHIT in Malaysia

It is sad that people do not want to hear the truth, instead they try to come up with excuses. To ignore reality, the truth will simply not disappear from this earth and century but will haunt you dearly when it cycle back.

Recently I wrote that there were directive from Prime Minister's department, EPU and Domestic Trade that no Chinese or Chinese Muslim are to be given financial aid since 2009. This is true because I was told on the face that I cannot be assisted for financial aid because I am Chinese. So I said "but I am Chinese Muslim", the answer given BACK was YOU ARE STILL CHINESE." But I pointed out my son is BUMIPUTRA. In that case, the officers replied "OKAY BUT your name cannot be on the application form. To be very sure, tell your son to declare you DEAD."

Chinese Muslim are no better than the Chinese in this country. Accept it.

This fasting month, open your eyes and ears for the truth instead of praying five times a day and pretend ALL IS WELL.

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