Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whose stupid stunt idea was that?

I saw in the news that a stuntman was given the task to demonstrate the way Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, 56 years old assistant director from the Custom Department in Selangor climbed through the window, jumped backwards and at the same time making sure that he must land facing down, died at the MACC office in Cochrane Road.

In the first place why use a stunt man and not a dummy?

Looking at the brief snippet, the stuntman does not have the same weight, height and shape like Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed?

So is this the cepat way to close the case before calling for the 13th General Election?

I feel ashamed that with the best and latest facilities available to the Forensic and Police Department in Malaysia they can come out with this stupid stunt.

It is high time to revamp these two departments before our alert and learned Judge Foong belittle them for the whole world to see.

This is also proof that our Forensic and Police are manage by half past six.

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