Friday, April 8, 2011

Kraft Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

General Manager,
Kraft Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.,
Level 7 Uptown 1
No: 1 Jalan SS 21/58,
Damansara Uptown
47400 Petaling Jaya Fax: 03-77276881

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Arrogance of your staff (Shan) and agent STP/Total Constant

I am writing to complain in regards with my conversation with Shan (h/p 012-2306299).

After talking to Shan, I SMS my order and willingness to pay by cash. She told me later that she already spoken to STP/Total Constant and was informed the reason and was not willing to help me with my order, even though I am willing to pay for the extra charges for the goods to come from Ipoh since there is no other agent in KL/Selangor.

Since Shan had only a brief snippet of what actually was the problem between your sole agent for KL/Selangor (STP/Total Constant) from their side and was not willing to hear and understand my woe, I am therefore forced to put it in black and white.

Since STP/Total Constant was given the sole agency for KL/Selangor in August 2008, for 5 months we were not sure who was the salesman for them as they were many (join and left within a month). Then there was one payment which was given and signed by one of them and money not given to the company. Since 2009 till today we were never service by any salesman from STP/Total Constant nor had anyone from the office come to see us. Then lately there was one payment that we had paid but had no signature of acceptance which I accepted responsibility and make another payment.

Last Friday we placed our orders as usual. Then when the goods came on Wednesday, we were told that we had to pay cash. Calls were made. I was told by Alice (STP) that her boss had stopped our credit because of these two incidents and being a bad pay master.

Those two incidents were settled amicably by both parties. As for the 30 days credit term, nobody follow strictly by that. For example if goods were delivered to me on the 5th of Jan, it does not follow suit that I will pay on the 5th of Feb. But definitely payment is made before the end of February. There is flexibility in any business. Now had someone from STP/Total Constant come to see me personally to inform me about the sudden stop of credit and the reason and allowed me to give my suggestion, I would not be angry and would have accepted their demand. Now I will not have anything to do with STP/Total Constant.

Then when I approached Shan to purchase direct from HQ or from other agent, this was turned down with the attitude of “you either buy from STP/Total Constant or forget it. We do not need your business.”

This is not the attitude of Global business but a mentality of a person not suitable for the job.

I have been a loyal supporter and user of Kraft product for 30 years and a faithful buyer of Philadelphia Cheese (2kg) since 2004 when I open my own shop till today and am proud to say I refused to carry other brand of cream cheese in my shop. I trusted the brand and quality even though STP/Total Constant never bother to service my outlet since 2009.

I wish to point out though we have been in this Bakery Ingredients line for only 7 (seven) years. We had visits from Directors from USA and Australia HQ from three companies and even local Directors who make an effort to visit once in two years to say hello, listen to our woes and suggestion. Today I am proud to say we have credit terms 60 – 90 days from these companies who took the trouble to understand that we should work as a team and be humble.

In 2008 Jusco for Queensbay Mall (Penang) Manager and a Director from Japan came to me for suggestion and ideas for their food court there even though we have no link in any business with them.

So now I will publicly say I have made a very wrong choice in choosing, using and selling Kraft products especially Philadelphia Cream Cheese for so many years.


Dian Abdullah

c.c. Kraft Foods Limited – Australia
Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism.

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