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Cut, copy and paste- Eureka!

Pak Sak wrote this:

A journalist from Star called me. I assumed she is. She asked for my reaction to the portion of the Anwar video that has been put up. Earlier today, a former PKR stalwart sent me an sms message. Video is up. Watch it now.

So I watched. Because it's up. I have my own take on this. First reaction: it is Anwar. But then, after years of reading Sherlock Holmes, I sensed something is not right.

Back to the journalist. So, how do you defend Anwar now she asked? Huh? I have never defended him regarding his private life. I have written about the way his case is handled and about the supporting cast in the video starring Anwar.

So I answered, why should I defend him? I have never defended him I protested. In my first article about this thing, I write about the issue of loyalty. Even among thieves there is honor. I find it farcical and hypocritical for this Eskay fellow to suddenly receive a blinding flash of enlightenment to claim, national interest overrides everything else. Its called patriotism he says. Saving the country from a sex maniac. Maybe we can coin a new term- sextriotism.

In another time, people who read Lee Kuan Yew will remember his admiration for Tanaka having so many mistresses. That, says LKY may not be a bad thing.

I wasn't defending Anwar at all. But I lament the death of loyalty. Especially from someone whom you have showered so many business opportunities. When I wrote that the only way Anwar can regard Eskay is like a friend he brings to the house, but later goes to bed with the host's wife. Some people got riled up about this description.
If I were to defend Anwar as asked, I will say this.

It's a fake. I will humor you since you asked me how I would defend him. Of course I am conscious of the way journalists play their exclusion game. You are one of us if you subscribe to our ways; you are our enemy if you as much mention some reservations about how we describe things as they are. You know the pretentious world of journalists- they think they rule the world.

Look at the video. What's the white bar at the bottom doing there? Is this a production in Thailand? If so, then the film was done with respectable technical panache, but the post production bit is Jinjang quality.

It seems to me, there are at least 3 video recorders. One to record the movements of the director, who looked like Eskay, has Eskay's physique but it may not be him. Bur Eskay said he was in the video. So it must be him.

Two, a video recorder of Anwar undressing. This may be taken on any other occasion where Anwar was less modest such as in the company of male friends.
Three- another recorder taking pictures of a lady- Chinese? Thai perhaps?
It could be a recoding done in December. Another done in January. Another done in February. The director comes to fuse them together to make it seem a seamless recording. Why would a director be around? To signal the cues. Such as to direct where Anwar's eye contact was; to direct where the woman's eye contact should be. To place every scene on cue.

But then Eskay is no film director. He is just a masseuse. That would explain the Jinjang quality.

It seems to me to be 3 or more recordings cascaded or piled onto one another. Hence Eskay the director appeared larger than average. Maybe he's in the latest video. Anwar is in the second recording. Eye contact between Anwar and the lady tramp never matched. Anwar wasn't looking at a lady positioned as the lady in the video was. The man resembling Anwar appeared to be walking past and through the lady as though she wasn't there. The man resembling Anwar appear bigger suggesting that a different camera is used to show Anwar in the foreground. Anything nearer to the camera appears bigger. The lady is always in the background. She appears smaller. You can impose clips from one camera on top of each other so that , the one on top will appear bigger as it is in the foreground nearest to the camera. The male figure appears disproportionately larger than the female figure when the two embraced.

So you asked how I would defend Anwar. I have given you a hypothetical scenario. Go dispute it. Convince me. I am not defending Anwar. I am reacting to your cynicism. When you called, you are like saying- take that you bastard.
Corridors of Power:

The Umno-backed sex video being circulated to blacken Anwar Ibrahim was made 15 years ago when Anwar was still deputy prime minister according to carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan, the man accused by Raja Petra Kamarudin to be the “bagman” to Rosmah Majid, wife of the prime minister, and said to be the man who fixed up private investigator P Balasubramaniam in the Altantuya Shaariibuu case.

Writing in his Corridors of Power column on Tuesday, Raja Petra said Deepak had been telling people that the Rosmah had told him that Anwar Ibrahim was “dead meat” and that Rosmah had said the man in that porn video was undoubtedly Anwar.

It’s him! No, la. It looks like him! No la. It’s a double! Really ah. Yes ah. Where can? What you think ah?

Deepak disputes that the video was shot in February 2011. It is an old video of 15 years ago, explains Deepak. That is why Anwar looks younger and better built in the video, argues Deepak.

And it was shot at the time Anwar was still the Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister during a threesome session that he is so fond of indulging in. And Deepak says that private investigator Bala knows about this and can confirm it — so that is why he needs to bring Bala back to Malaysia so that they can hammer the final nails in Anwar’s coffin.

But [Rosman] is not too sure that she needs Deepak’s help to bury Anwar. Deepak might also to bury her alongside Anwar as he has been telling everyone very nasty things about her. Deepak had said that Najib Tun Razak would fall by July 2011, according to an astrologer’s prediction, and Deepak claimed that he has enough evidence to guarantee Najib’s downfall.

However, Raja Petra said, Deepak was no longer in Rosmah’s good books: she had “dropped him like a hot potato” because of so much bad publicity about him. He was now trying to get back into her good books because of problems with a loan from Kuwait Finance House, said Raja Petra. He said Deepak was also involved in paying “kickbacks” to some officers of the bank.

Raja Petra said Deepak was trying to win Rosmah’s favours by bringing P.I. Balasubramaniam back to Malaysia to sign another fourth statutory declaration absolving the Prime Minister and his wife of any involvement in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, then Rosmah might take him back into her circles.

“But Deepak has blundered big time, the mother of all blunders. He has also been going around bad mouthing the First Lady. He has said many nasty things about her and this, of course, has reached her ears. So she is pissed big time. And when Rosmah Mansor is pissed she is really pissed. What is that they say about a woman scorned?” said Raja Petra.
All opposition leaders and members are on 24/7 watch by the highly praised KPI Special Branch and Special Force since Mr Rosmah took office.

So even if they (the oppositions) were to fart in silence, this is relayed back to Bukit Duta immediately.

As mentioned before, Mr and Mrs Rosmah are not what you see in public. Their actions behind the scene are murderous.

For the people who praise and support Mr and Mrs Rosmah especially UMNO, you need all the luck in the world and Allah's help to live in Malaysia after the 13th General Election.

The big plan to silent the opposition will be worst than KILLING FIELD.

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