Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carry your own coffin when you are ask to give statement at MACC office

Another death, another suicide.

Either MACC admit they are only good at forcing people to kill themselves, or the same GHOST that insist Teoh Beng Hock strangle himself is a habitual spirit that has liking for suicide.

I don't know why MACC offices have that BAD FENG SHUI vibe. So what will the latest explanation be for the latest death? Mental health, guilt or another show of arrogance from MACC officers who are NOT QUALIFIED and MENTALLY RETARDED.

Close the damn MACC department down for goodness sake. As it is, only little fries are being prosecuted. People like Taib,Mahathir, Daim, Pak Lah, Yaakob, Khairy, Zeti,Vincent Tan, Shahrizat, Yen Yen, Najib and Rosmah etc.. are still hanging loose.

The next time anyone is called up especially opposition, to have their statement taken, make sure you carry a coffin with you.

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