Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are we going to war?

Sarawak 10th Election is supposedly for the Sarawakians to vote for their future but the heavy flow of outsiders is highly suspicious.

It was reported that 1,000 police from Sabah, 8,000 police from peninsula Malaysia and 20,000 army personnel are assisting the 3,000 local police and army in Sarawak. So that comes to 32,000. But in reality, the Federal Government had actually sent in 60,000 police and army there, 10 helicopters and three ships, all fully equip with artilleries enough to start a war in Sarawak.

Then, there is the big question mark of 50,000 refugees who were at the Thai border, given free food, accommodation, taught Bahasa language, given Mkad and cash RM500 each, were sent to Sarawak last week courtesy of Air Asia.

There is rumour too of RM3 billion all in RM50 monopoly bills newly printed courtesy of Vincent Tan, being sent through the army.

For just 950,000 voters, the Federal Government must have smell the air of change and is making sure that Sarawak cannot be given back to the people who have suffered for the past 30 years.

Then the last event is the donation of US10 million each from Tun to the Pairin Brothers. Is Tun making the Brothers do battle since he dislike the Christians and feel that Sabah and Sarawak belong to the Malays?

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