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Cow Dung Chief

Nazri said people with cow dung in their brains were interpreting Malay Supremacy wrongly. He explained that Malay Supremacy did not mean that Malays were more superior than other races and that the phrase was COINED to protect the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers.

Acro yoga dance

Age and size not important. Passion and love for life rules.

Save the country and not the politicians

PKR delegates can back Anwar amid growing criticism but the big question people are asking among themselves, will it win any seats for the coming GE13. The delegates are too small a number to even secure a win for PKR. The many tale signs are showing that PKR will lose all the seats they have won so far and can even drag DAP and PAS along too if the latter parties are not careful.

The many people I met recently told me that they will vote for DAP and PAS but if PKR put their candidates in their areas, they will either not come out to vote or spoil the votes. They are not going to give their vote to BN or UMNO’s or PKR’s candidates full stop.

The third force or Zaid intent party should place their candidates in PKR seats only to contest against BN or UMNO in a three corner fight. Then the people will make sure BN or UMNO will continue to lose more seats.

It would in the best interest to all Malaysiams to save the country then give Anwar face.

Abu Kassim is arrogant and a coward

The arrogance of Abu Kassim, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission boss can be noted with grieve when he has the cheek to say the test for corruption is simple. In a corrupt/corruptible nation half the people in the room would admit to having been asked to pay bribe or have paid bribe at the bloggers dialogue in Legend.

For your information Abu Kassim dare not investigate Tun Daim whom I have reported direct to him nor does he dare to answer my letters. If the MACC boss is a coward how do you expect his men to do any work.

Everyday I dread leaving my house because the minute I step outside my compound I see with my own eyes government officers asking for money from the road side stalls, kedai mamak, roundabouts and many other lanes.

I would like to challenge Abu Kassim and his lazy and coward officers from Anti-Corruption to accept my service for free for a week to catch at least 30 civil servants per day those asking and taking bribes in Wilayah Persekutuan alone. This offer has…

Stop protecting second and third generation APs holders

APs cannot be done away with immediately

THE abolition of Approved Permits (AP) to import vehicles cannot be done immediately as it will cause hundreds of bumiputra entrepreneurs to go bankrupt, International Trade and Industries Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said.

He said the open APs to import cars would be scrapped by 2015.
“The Government knows that many issues had cropped up. It has been decided that by the end of 2015, the practice will be stopped,” he said in debating the 2011 Budget on behalf of his ministry.

Mustapa explained that there was a need for a period of transition for the abolition of the APs by 2015 to allow automotive businessmen to adjust to the changes and settle their bank loans.

“If we stop it immediately, it will not be fair. The businessmen have loans to settle and buildings and families to take care of,” he added.
My dear Mustap…

Another victim to be murder

Former sergeant N. Tharmendran was taken away by 8 Air Force personnel who claimed he is a 'DESERTER'.

N. Tharmendran had claimed he was framed and had pleaded not guilty in court for stealing and selling 2 F5 fighter jet engines worth RM100 million. He was taken away after the hearing in court this evening.

From past history it is an open secret that if you are taken away by MACC, Police or Air Force or Army you are forced to confess whether you did it or not or be ready to be killed.

So like Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and Altantuya, I strongly believe N. Tharmendran would be dead within 24 hours from self-strangulation which the DPP and even our so-called Forensic Experts are ready to testify such nonsense can be done to kill oneself.

Trinity Rumours

Najib said “In Malaysia, we are never short of rumours. Talks of cabinet changes are rumours, elections are also rumours, and they are just rumours."

But rumours in Malaysia are seldom wrong.

Take the case of Altantuya’s death. If Altantuya was not taken to see Rosmah at their home in Jalan Duta the night before her death and was brazen enough to watch how the former was killed then there is no rumour.

If Tajuddin and Halim were not acting on behalf of Mahathir and Daim, then there is no rumour.

If Hishamuddin was not the one who killed Teoh Beng Hock, then there is no rumour.

If JJ was not arrogance and proud that he was the one who arranged the meeting and fine tune the deal between Najib and Anwar, then there is no rumour.

If Anwar’s house in Washington is invisible then there is no rumour.

If Azmin Ali is not Mahathir’s nephew and was given RM22 million, then there is no rumour.

If Employees Provident Fund and Kumpulan Wang Persaraan acquiring the office building in London for RM785…

Malaysians use people like second hand goods

PKR is 'not for us any more'
Ahmad A Talib

LEHA is way down in the Parti Keadilan Rakyat food chain. For many years, this young mother held on to her hope that the party would form the next government. Jaafar, her husband, had harboured the same hope, too.
The couple have a small flat at Kondo Rakyat in Kg Kerinchi, Lembah Pantai. During the recent Hari Raya Aidilfitri and last week's Hari Raya Aidiladha, the couple sold lemang to supplement their income.

They make excellent lemang. At RM8 per stick, it's a good buy. But events in the PKR in past few months have made Leha and Jaafar frustrated, angry, disappointed and disillusioned.
Leha has made enquiries about joining Umno and is anxious to sign up as soon as possible.
While Leha and Jaafar are at the lower end of the PKR hierarchy, top leader Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is just as frustrated. He couldn't take any more of the squabbles within the party and announced his departure on Friday.

Lawyer Zaid is not likely to join any …

1Sex, 1Money, 1Scandal

I love this.

This is no laughing number

PKR claimed it has 400,000 members. I don’t see the number nor have hear such figures from the people who are supposed to be members or working for PKR.

Even from last year’s Hari Raya gatherings and many other seminars I have mentioned that there was lack of supporters and Anwar was not blind nor deaf to my many remarks.

PKR is definitely mismanaged by the very people who are supposed to be close to Anwar. Azmin Ali is not someone you can trust to build up PKR unless he is given the President post. One must understand that Azmin Ali is Mahathir’s nephew. Mahathir had been supporting Azmin Ali and his family financially since he became the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Azmin Ali was already a millionaire in 1984 when he was still studying. Azmin can be considered a Trojan chosen by Mahathir to be close to Anwar. Even today Azmin still have to report to Mahathir however small an issue concerning PKR. That is how Mahathir stay ahead of the game. To control Najib, Mahathir will use …

Can money works its magic this time round?

The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has sparked a major shopping frenzy in just 48 hours.

Sapphire and diamond engagement ring rose 1,000% sales.
Engagement Dress like the one Kate used 27%.
Memorabilia sales rose 300%.

These sales are on e-bay itself.

Our Tuns, Tan Sri, Datuk are already hot on the net and phones to make booking for accommodation for the wedding due next year.

As for Rosmah and Mahani Daim, they too have already given instruction to lobby for an invitation even though the British Royal Palace had given notice that not all Commonwealth countries would be invited. So will money buy them an invitation to the Grand Wedding? British are unlike Americans when it comes to "money work magic".

Moded Out

The mode man is finally going for permanent retirement, hopefully he is allowed to bring his bed fellow Nor Yaakob.

Salam Eid ul-Adha


A blind future

Malaysia trails Singapore in attracting brains
By Yow Hong Chieh
November 11, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — Singapore has trumped Malaysia in the brain gain stakes, according to a recent Gallup poll which saw the island-state beat some 150 countries to come out as the most favoured destination in the world for educated migrants.

Bucking the trend in developed Asia, Singapore stands to more than triple its population from brain gain alone if it opens its borders to all educated migrants who wish to reside there.

The republic easily outshone Southeast Asian neighbours Malaysia, which is nearly 30 times less attractive to educated migrants, and Thailand, which those same migrants only find marginally attractive.

Singapore also topped the survey as the number one destination for young migrants, and could potentially boost its population by more than five times if this category of migrants were allowed in.

Gallup researchers interviewed nearly 350,000 adults, aged 15 and older, in 148 countries bet…

Small inconvenient for a big future

Baggage of the past

COME Jan 1, Penang will create a precedent of sorts with a total ban on the use of plastic bags at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies, fast-food restaurants, nasi kandar restaurants and convenience stores (including those at petrol stations).
Operators of mini-markets and sole proprietorships will also be asked to enforce the ruling but for three days a week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The ruling does not mean that plastic bags will totally disappear from the state as many outlets, including the bustling hawker community that is synonymous with Penang, have been spared, for now at least.
Despite rumblings from various quarters – including women who wonder how they will discard their used sanitary pads – we should view the state’s initiative as part of the growing movement towards a greener future for all.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is standing firm as he believes “the people should look on the positive side of th…

Have fun


A SAFARI wildlife reserve in the US has unveiled the world's biggest hybrid cat - half lion, half tiger - called the Liger.

Four-week-old Aries was presented to the world along with eight-year-old big brother, Hercules, at the Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife reserve in South Carolina.

A cross between a male lion and a female tigress, the two posed for pictures with Aries resting on his sibling’s huge shoulders.

Aries is expected to pile on 0.45kg per day and will be 165kg by his first birthday. But he has a long way to go to catch up with Hercules – who stands almost 183cm tall and weighs more than 406kg.

The liger project has been created by The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.).

Michael Jackson's children

MICHAEL Jackson's children have told talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey they did not mind wearing blankets on their heads.

In their first ever sit-down interview, Michael Jackson's three children, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, said on The Oprah Winfrey Show that their father tried to keep his fame a secret from them, The NY Post reported.

"He tried to raise us without knowing who he was, but that didn't go so well," blue-eyed Paris told Winfrey, as she and her brothers recalled Coca-Cola and candy-fuelled early morning walks on the beach in Bahrain and late nights on the roof of their Las Vegas home to bask in the glittering lights of the strip.

The children also said they appreciated how their dad would make them wear veils over their heads when they went out in public - a familiar but strange sight that appeared in newspapers around the world for years.

"Did you know at the time why you were putting on the mask?" Winfrey asked.

"Yeah," said Princ…

Normal fuck

It is normal for Malaysian Muslim fuck up leaders to talk this way. Everyday we have videos of them and AG, Police and MACC are just taking it as a joke and not serious in their work. Why don't they just close up their departments and jolly with Yen Yen round the world.

Congratulation to Penang

Come January 2011 Penangites will not be given plastic bags when they go shopping. But I am certain some traders will continue giving out of habits to the demand of some shoppers. No matter what, it is good Penang is the first state to do their bit for the environment and future.

For the past twenty-six years I have been doing my part in saving the environment in small ways like saving all recycle materials and sending them to two centers, food waste are recycle back to my garden which have been producing compost fruits, vegetables and beautiful range of flowers and herbs. My rubbish in the bin is less than 2 kg per week which I still consider way too much for any household to throw away but there are many materials that cannot be recycled and I do not know what to do with them. Hopefully in the future we can have everything environmental friendly and there is no more rubbish to be thrown away but everything recycle back into our house compound.

It will be good if Penang can also re…


Symbiosis is the relationship of two different species to each other where each provides something the other cannot provide for itself. It is derived from the Greek, Sym for with and Biosis for living. Two unlike species co-exist and one provides benefits for the other and visa versa. Both may be enhanced by the relationship, depending on the type of symbiosis involved.

We have three parties namely PAS, DAP and PKR who must strive to work together and become as one no matter what happens. To do that we must first save, trust and be humble and sacrifice the desire to be superior to friends and comrades.

It is time for Anwar to listen to the hearts of the people and have faith in thyself to do the right thing. A miracle surgery must be perform now before it is too late. The sound and beat from the heart is not wrong but the lack of listening destroy oneself.

E-Voting Without Fraud

Any takers?

A double victory or foolishness

Najib and Rosmah must be very proud and happy that the Bomoh is indeed a great man. BN won in the Batu Sapi and Galas election. So what are the chances of blood and death in the hands of Najib next year as fore told by the great man.

A double win today but what happens when the keris is used against the very people who gave them cause to celebrate. Will MCA, MIC and the many dogs continue their support if that keris is pointed between their eyes.

To our friends


Rise in Flour today

Every month my son purchase bags of flour, so thanks to the Government for rising the fuel price by 5 sen, the purchase price today is now RM61 per bag. August price was RM50.50 per bag, then September it was RM54.00 per bag and now up another RM7.00. Is this high income and transformation that Najib is talking and promoting?

My noodle for lunch went up by 50 sen today. This is how Najib operate, killing us softly.

So if all the folks continue to let fate takes its course this country is definitely going bankrupt not only with money but people who had enough and are packing their bags. Jala is partly to be blame too.

Funny though prices of food are soaring, Warisan Merdeka is 100 storey high but Najib's little brother is down all the time much to his embarrassment.

Najib hiding from rakyat

The news that Najib under the chicken pox (small dicky pox) weather is bull shit. Accordingly Rosmah's reliable bomoh who was here with the Indian Premier, had advise that Najib should avoid confrontation with the rakyat over the rise of RON 97 fuel that went up 5 sen today, Warisan Merdeka, Batu Sapi and Galas Election and most important the revelation of the audit report and soon the rise in Sugar, Cooking oil and Rice prices.

Najib should only come out in hiding after 9th November 2010 and can announce the General Election date between 11th November till 20th November 2010. Otherwise Najib has only two days next year to do that. That is to secure a win for BN and himself. After those dates everything he does will go down the drain.

The bomoh also said that Najib will have blood and death in both hands for next year.

Raja Petra a FREE MAN indeed

Who is the real Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Couple of weeks now I have been hearing about the whore's network and her posh office in Putrajaya. Friends tell me that the whore runs Putrajaya with a leash so tight round Nijab's neck that he can particularly choke on it. Every single projects, Najib's schedule, matters concerning government matters, his suits, meals even his visit to the loo must be minuted and approved by the whore.

This has been going since Najib became the Prime Minister. But things has been getting out of hands since Lee Kuan Yew's visit. Now everything goes straight to the whore's office and home to get her approval before Najib can even have it on his desk and he cannot see or meet anyone without her okay. Couple of times he was forced to meet some delegates from other states and the whore just walked in and told them to leave. These are life members of UMNO and Najib just kept quiet. No offer of apology was given.

So all those Malays and Rulers who had and are hammering that only a m…