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Keep your RM5 million mosque

My dear Muhyiddin, there is a saying “Behind a man’s success there is a woman” obviously you must be having screws behind your back to come out with very insensitive feeling for the people.

For the past two days it was reported that PKR Ansari fell into the sea because the bridges in Kg. Gas and Pulau Api Api gave way. The whole world is aware of this except your good self. As a Deputy Prime Minister honestly I believe you have no soul and feeling as a human being. You are blinded to the very fact Batu Sapi is very backward in development. People there do not have proper facilities like toilet, tap water, housing, schools, electricity, health care and seldom have nutrient food. Yet as a Deputy Prime Minister who is in support of building 100 storey building not one but three, letting Yen Yen have a jolly holiday round the world and the big fat MAMA whore have all the rights to projects in Malaysia, you can only give RM5 million for a stupid mosque. Come on you think people in Bat…

Lost Opportunity

For the Batu Sapi election, misfortune had already struck not once but twice for PKR candidate Ansari Abdullah who again landed into the sea at Kg Gas Village. I am having difficulty in accepting that Ansari is not taking these two misfortune and put into good use to rebuild the bridges at Pulau Api Api and Kg Gas Village immediately. The wooden bridge would have only cost less than RM3,000 each. What is wrong with getting your hands dirty for once and it only take a couple of hours to have it done if everyone do their bit to help.

Instead Ansari continue to hit the campaign trail without stopping to consider that. This shows that Ansari will not be bother with the people in Batu Sapi once the election fever is over. Helping people on the spot during election are golden opportunities for every candidate who is in need of support and votes at this crucial time.

Promises and talks are only air but deeds are remembrance.

We do not need the Chinese and Indians

UMNO bastards in Titiwangsa are the most corrupted.

Running gambling dens,pirated DVDs and everything illegal.

UMNO only need the Chinese, Indians and others to sit pretty in Putrajaya for each election. After using them the Chinese, Indians and others are thrown away as thrash.

1Malaysia Book of Record getting ass poke for three hours

Not long ago a suicide note mysteriously appears at Teoh Beng Hock’s inquest after the MACC lawyer lost his marbles when Dr Porntip insisted Teoh did not commit suicide.

Now at Sodomy 11, not a suicide note but a medical report not tendered in court has been revealed to contain more details on Sinful’s medical history. Since Malaysian are known for changing history like a gust of fart, this one is hilarious and unbelievable. A three hours examination was done on Sinful’s ass (whose parent were right to name him that) by three so-called expects namely HKL General Surgeon Dr Mohd Razali Ibrahim, HKL Emergency Specialist Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan and Forensic Pathologist Dr. Siew Shene Feng and better still there is a by-stander by the name of Supt Jude Pereira. All these so-called Doctors must have nothing better to do than to take three hours to examine a bloody ass. What so special about Sinful’s ass that Emergency Specialist Dr Khairul can let go three hours when he could have spen…

What does Thesis mean to you?

A Thesis is a document submitted in support of candidature for a degree or professional qualification presenting the author’s research and findings.

I know for a fact to do a thesis is not only stressful, not able to sleep and going blank at times is most frustrating. Most times the thought of what the heck am I doing and many other questions come into play.

My daughter had just submitted her thesis after months of research, black coffee, sleepless and depressing moments. Yes finally the moment has arrived and she just pulled through and hit the dateline on the dot. I hate people who do that but that is how my children do things. At the last minute. In the meantime I am the one biting my nails and pulling my hair chasing and screaming “you will be late.”

This thesis is very important for my daughter as it will determine whether she will get to do her PhD. My friends always ask why I support my daughter so much, for at the end of the day she will get marry and be somebody’s wife who mig…

The last of the RAHMAN

Najib will leave a legacy of being the ONE who not only destroy but the one responsible for losing the UMNO supremacy to the opposition in the coming General Election.

A desperate man giving threatening speech at the UMNO opening, shows Najib is not stable and capable as a person to lead us. He has no one to blame but himself and that arrogant bitch of his. Who not only murdered Altantuya but Canny Ong too?

Maybe now under the new IGP the police are brave enough to open up the files for these two murders. I am sure Special Branch has a certain file showing evidences that Najib had sent money and even spend many nights with Canny Ong.

I like that Buddha saying "You cannot hide three things - the SUN, the MOON and the TRUTH.
Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar has given Umno president Najib Tun Razak 30 days to decide if he wants be like the noble warrior Hang Tuah or the delusional Mat Jenin.


30 years ago we had a system

Tan Yi Liang from the Sun posed a question to Hamid Albar “what does someone who is chauffeured around in a luxury car know about the woes of the average commuter?” Hamid’s replied “I use public transport once in a while.” When pressed further when he took the trip, Hamid proudly without shame said he took it 30 YEARS AGO.

30 YEARS AGO we had Len Sen, Foh Hup, Selangor Bus and not forgetting our laissez-faire mini buses until Mahathir decided he could do a better job of making money for his family and mismanaging it.

Buses 30 years ago can take us through every corner we wish to go. We could depend on it to come frequently. The buses had no air-conditions then so we sweated on every trips, had to endure the smelly odour from many armpits pitted against our face during peak hours. The high speed crazy driving that drivers were competing with each other to reach their destination on record time and at the same time get more passengers. We get change back when we could not give the ex…

A good therapy

Sitting and looking at the box in my living hall is not something I had thought I would do in my spare time. To me it is a waste of precious time but a good way to get my kids when they were young, occupied and stop the hilarious laughter from playing and fighting. When the kids were noisy I wished for quiet and peace, but now that they are grown up I wish for their laughter and noise.

I was first introduced to Korean drama in 2006 when I was staying with relatives in Penang. Though I am first generation from China, my Chinese language/dialects was and is still consider half past six. So I had to spend my time looking at that stupid box in their living hall and reading sub-titles while they were chatting non-stop. Still I did not become buddy with that stupid box until I came back to KL and happened to watch the 1st episode of “Boys over Flowers.” Though the story line was from a comic book, it brought back sweet memories for me. From then on 303 and now change to 391 is my only c…

90 days to paralyze the Government

Sweet or sour budget does not affect the people. 100 storey high building, RM500 special financial for civil servant or cheap dirty underwears for Rosmah to do belly dancing or other cheap thrill will not win the hearts of the people.

The usual Elite UMNO clan will continue to receive free pocket money, projects and immunity to the laws in this country.

What more urgent and scary is the fact is that the Government had approved 90 days maternity leave for women without thinking ahead.

The present civil servants consist of 80% women in Putrajaya, Hospitals 89% female and 98% teachers are female. That is base on these three areas only. What about the rest of the civil servants in other departments?

I will repeat my experience about the teachers who taught my daughter in Primary School. Even her Secondary teachers are playing the same dirty game but on a lesser note.

My encounter with this particular Teacher is rather unpleasant, basically she is racist, abusive and has strong dislike for …

Yes RPK gave money for my son's bail

From Zorro's blog:

My responsibility was to ensure the last nine get bail posted:

They are:

Thanagaran Karpayah (680811-05-5331)

Khairul Anuar bin Md, Anuar (840708-14-5515)

Ambrose Poh (640208-08-6081)

Md Fasya b Md Tajudin (811224-14-5647)

Jony bin Andu@Abu Bakar Adnan (750430-12-5077)

Raman a/l Kanniayapan (791215-14-5965)

Ong Boon Keong (601121-02-6081)

Ramish a/l Govinathan (800623-05-5215)

Henry Yap (NA)

I would like to confirm RPK gave the money for my son Khairul's bail as mentioned in Zorro's blog and I am most thankful.

Curb the sins of UMNO first

Domestic Trade and Consumerism Ministry had proposed to penalize those who buy pirated DVDs and VCDs.

Before the Ministry can do that it would be good if they can take their work seriously and get rid of the sellers and distributors of pirated DVDs and VCDs, who are connected to the Police, Army, MACC, UMNO members and VVIPs.

You see the day Opposition won in Wilayah Persekutuan in 2008, a portion of playing field in Taman Maluri was taken by the Titiwangsa UMNO division and a so-called hall was built. This hall as shown in the picture is hardly utilize. Then this year it was leased to a Laksa seller to sell her food there. Now this UMNO division is also collecting fee between RM1 – RM5 from each traders at the Pasar Malam and markets in the surrounding areas of Taman Maluri, Desa Pandan, Pandan Jaya, Ampang ..etc. But one bear in mind DBKL is now paying for all the cleaning in this area too. So where does the money go to? To make matter more acceptable to the Opposition, the UMNO d…

No merit in talking without commitment

IT was a day-long seminar in London aimed at bringing home talented Malaysians working in the United Kingdom or those who had made it their country of domicile. The list of speakers for last Wednesday’s event was impressive and it is a travesty that it drew just more than 50 participants – Malaysians or those who had links with Malaysia. Perhaps what was significant was that it did not draw the younger crowd, save for a handful of students who had just completed their post-graduate studies, curious to know what awaited them at home.

Speaker after speaker delivered glowing reports of Malaysia, most of which were factual. With winter approaching, the gloomy and rainy day prompted one (perhaps in jest) even to suggest that the hot weather and the culinary delights available round the clock in Malaysia should be a consideration. But as they spoke, more than 100 Malaysian bankers were just a few hundred metres away, doing their jobs, oblivious to the fact that the "talent hunters"…

Mahathir brief moment of regrets

1. After three days in the Epworth Hospital, it was suggested that I be discharged but should continue treatment under the Hospital in the Home service.

2. The Home Hospital has a full staff of doctors, specialists and nurses. They will carry out the full hospital treatment, periodical medical examination and treatment, intravenous drips, physiotherapy etc. They do not stay with patients but would visit at the designated time and stay as long as necessary.

3. It is far better than house-call by doctors as they can only give limited service. You feel you are being well looked after as in the hospital, but you have the ambience of home and family.
4. I don't know if we have this service or not but I believe it can contribute to being a developed country.

5. Another service I experienced is the ambulance service. The two ambulance personnel are very highly trained to give first aid including CPR, proper handling of fractures, take blood pressure and heart rate, ECG and other signs and s…

Dancing to Rosmah's Tune

In the history of Malaya/Malaysia no wives of previous Prime Ministers had been bold and arrogant in promoting themselves.

Rosmah a woman with no moral and virtue had begun promoting herself since Najib became the 6th Prime Minister on 3rd April 2009. There is no word created by human being to describe this whore by the name of Rosmah Mansor, who had make used of her friends and ex-husband so that she could sleep with a then married man Najib. Then once she got Najib in the net she mentally and physically abuses her children and ex-husband till they give up and the divorced came through. But Najib being a bit sacred and worry gave the ex-husband RM2 million for the divorce. Rosmah who was not happy with that took the children with her. But like most of her collection she is only nice to her children when the need arises. Rosmah does not cherish anything for long. To her once she got what she desires from you, she will ignore you till she needs you again. Her lovers and people …

Brain should not come home

Where ideas go to die?
MORE than a year ago, our Science Ministry launched a website called MyIdeas. The thinking behind this is to get as many brilliant ideas, from all kinds of people, that can be implemented.

There are now some 6,037 ideas on the portal based on my last check yesterday. The very first idea posted on the website was "recognise and reward creativity and innovation at all levels through national and state innovation and creativity awards" by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

But if you click on the icon that says "ideas in action", which basically means what it says, it will tell you this: No ideas are in action yet.

That's a shame because don't tell me not one of the 6,037 ideas is worth carrying out.

Some ideas are quite interesting, like the one from Muhamad Zahin Shaharuddin who suggests having lockers at schools to deal with the problem of heavy bags. Nurul Syaza Sarkawi says the government should subsidise the price of bicycles so tha…

Mr Condom

The hearts do not forget nor forgive

Umno: Ladang Rakyat plan ‘not good’

GUA MUSANG: The Ladang Rakyat (People’s Plantation) mooted by the Kelantan government will only bring misery and suffering to people earning below RM1,500 monthly, said Umno deputy division chief Mat Yusof Abdul Ghani.

He claimed that the land-sharing system would not benefit the people because in the end, the contracts to manage the land would be given to big companies and the people would remain landless.

“What I understand is that the people taking part in the land scheme will only be paid dividends and nothing more,” he told reporters after handing out RM200 each to 350 students from families that earn less than RM1,500 a month at SK Sri Wangi here.

“What about land ownership? They will never get land titles, as big crony companies would reap the benefits of the large tracts of land.

“The People’s Plantation is sure to be an issue here and we (Umno) will go to town with it in all our ceramah because the people in Gua Musang will be on the losing end.

RPK as Prime Minster

Forming a Third Force is not a bad idea. Given that Azmin Ali wants to be Menteri Besar of Selangor better still Prime Minister if Anwar is send away for good.

With strong cables from UMNO especially those with tons of money and connection joining all the dots for Azmin Ali, he is way ahead of everyone who dares to challenge him further in PKR. It is on everyone's tongue that without UMNO backing, Azmin Ali would not be brazen in cheating and creating havoc at the voting centre everywhere.

Mahathir can tell the world he is no gambler but he plays poker with people lives like drinking water. Keeping Azmin Ali as the trump card if UMNO were to lose in the 13th General Election, is how Mahathir can keep his secrets buried for life.

So for those who want to see big changes and does not worship Anwar, form a Third Force and choose RPK as the leader, for he is born with great leadership in his vein. A man with all the hidden files in his hands would send shivers down the spine of the …

Haram money

I am sick and tired of reading and hearing about the "HARAM MONEY" in Penang. You don't want it, good, return it and shut up. There are many Malays here in Taman Maluri who are dying to have that money. Just pass it over.

In the meantime the UMNO in Penang can tell the Malays not forgetting themselves to return all their assets, holidays allowances, Mecca trips and other expenditures they have received for the past 35 years since all the money they received from Gerakan are also HARAM MONEY. How about the mosques and surau built by the UMNO elites, were they not from HARAM MONEY?

The money given by Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib to Felda settlers and other Malays and the yearly ang pows. All of them came from Magnum, Big Sweep, Toto and Genting. You think these leaders work and earn them. Bull Shit.

Even Royalties get their allowances from the gambling den.

So if the Penang UMNO and certain Malays think they are too good to receive the money from the Penang CM. Return t…