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UMNO promoting Racism

Muhyiddin had proclaimed "I'm Malay first. How can I say I'm a Malaysian first and Malay second? All the Malays will shun me and it's not proper."
When you have a Deputy Prime Minister a racist what do you expect?

One must understand that Muhyiddin had come from the remote jungle so he does not know that people from the third world even address themselves citizen of their country first before race. No need to compare Australia, Korea, America etc........

Even my children who are considered Malay/Bumiputra have always addressed themselves as Malaysian.

Muhyiddin you have been wrongly brought up. The blame lies with your parents. Lucky for you I am not your mother or wife otherwise I would teach you a lesson or two and give you a tight slap.

No need to be smart to copy

My children alway complain I am a real dummy when it comes to the computer.

But then Najib must be the biggest dummy to have people who only know how to copy and paste the future of this country.

Be a man and get those pests out.

The PM has outlined the main aspects of the NEM. I was waiting to read strategies to unleash the entrepreneurial energies of economic agents besides the same old players. Private sector means what? Does it mean the same old companies, friendly parties or the faceless multitude of ordinary business people? Since 2004 for example, Khazanah has been divesting its holdings in many companies- may we know who and on what criteria? People can say all sorts of things on paper- using highly technical financial jargon which actually means they were hiding something.
What I take as entrepreneurial agents to turn this country into a nation of high-incomers are the large number of business…

The perils of Bolehsia

MARCH 22 - President Obama and Hilary Clinton, his secretary of state, were in the Oval Office discussing steps that needed to be taken to enhance the bilateral ties between the US and Bolehsia.

"Well, what do you think, Mr President?" asked Hilary.

"Well Bolehsia needs our help in trade, investment and technology transfer. Perhaps we should send a special envoy to help facilitate this. The question, Hilary, is who do we send? We have to take into account Bolehsia's special circumstances and its unique value system," said the President.

"Well Mr President as you know, Bolehsia ranks in the bottom quartile in terms of gender equality when compared to the rest of the world although two thirds of its college graduates are female. Also they have strict laws governing sex outside of marriage where Muslim women can be sentenced to syariah caning if caught. So I don't think we can send a woman", said Hilary.

"Hmm, that's a shame," said the Pres…

Same same

This article from People's Parliament.

Sorry to be writing to you so soon after the last, but I read on Malaysianinsider that at the racist Perkasa congress over the weekend, you had called for a review of something or the other so as to be able to reply to allegations that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth and denied the rights of non-Malays, and felt that I could not let you get away with these mischievous, dishonest observations without responding to the same.

You see, I do not think anyone has said that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth or denied the rights of the non-Malays.

What many have said, myself included, is that you and your privileged cronies, inside and outside of government, have robbed the people of this nation, Malays included.

And, inspired no doubt by you, many in the civil service also got in on the action.

I’m going to keep this short, so I’ll just cite one instance. I’ll leave commentators to add to the list, if they care to.

One evening in the…

MCA diu lei

Congratulation Soi Lek and Liow. This song is dedicated to you and your cohorts knowingly sacrificed the MCA PARTY for selfish reasons.

Today Tiong, Ling and Mahathir can sleep peacefully knowing that PKFZ is been put to rest. So much for transparency, Najib.

How many millions for your retirement Soi Lek? Enough to buy gold plated coffin or not?

Perkasa Lok Cat Percentage

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali today claimed Bumiputeras should rightly own 67 per cent of the nation’s economic wealth, as it was the majority group in Malaysia.

He also insisted the government must include affirmative action in the New Economic Model (NEM), adding that Bumiputeras’ economic equity must reach 30 per cent before the country reaches its goal as a developed nation in 2020.

“Malaysia comprises 55 per cent Malays and 12 per cent of other Bumiputeras, which [is] total [of] 67 per cent Bumiputeras. Therefore, the nation’s wealth must be 67 per cent for Bumiputeras but we get 30 per cent only,” the Malay rights movement president said at the inaugural Perkasa congress here today.

“Therefore it must be explained that in a democracy, the majority is regarded as the national agenda. The country’s economy must be divided in accordance with the distribution of the population,” added the independent Pasir Mas MP.

Ibrahim stressed that Prime Minister Datuk Ser…

Zero Explanation

Najib's words at an interview 12th March 2010

What do you make of the talk about Malay rights? Driven by NGOs, certain political people are speaking out and making a big splash by saying they’ve got to defend the constitutional rights of Malays and putting pressure on you.

I’m not too alarmed about it. I expected it. We had this rise of Hindu rights through Hindraf and so forth. It was only a question of time before you could see a reaction from Malays. And true enough, it came in the form of Perkasa and the NGOs. But these people realise that the only political vehicle that can achieve the aims of their struggle will still be UMNO. They’re not against UMNO. But they want to remind UMNO, “Don’t forget the Malay rights, the Malay interests.” What I’m telling them is “No, I’m not forgetting the Malay rights, the Malay interests, but I want the Malays to work with the other races too.” I don’t see it as a zero-sum game and I want everyone to be together on the same page and work toward…

Copy the Red Shirts

How many of us are brave enough to follow the example of the red shirts protesters in Thailand to kick out UMNO and the elites?

Any news of that AP glutton queen Rafidah? With so much of sin money in hand she should be paying for her karma too.

Blinded by money

I don't know about you but with all kind of stories coming out from these so-called independent MPs makes one think how shallow, arrogant and selfish these men are. By nature Malay Muslim are supposed to be timid, generous and forgiving. Ah but these Malays cum Muslim are anything but just the opposite. These bastards are all brought up and are well taught by an Indian Muslim by the name Mahathir. That right the old heck who was once our Prime Minister. Mahathir used money as bait to get things done his way. Money, money everything boils down to money. Rosmah is similar to Mahathir when it comes to using money to get things done.

These independent MPs are so used to money that after emptying out the PKR ATM, they are now cashing it out at UMNO ATM. But UMNO are a lucky lot with the new discovery of a large black oil field. So now there is plenty to go round to shop till they drop. But then this latest discovery will also be UMNO's curse. With Altantuya's blood in …

RM50 million budget to buy donkeys

It's a skullduggery tactic by Yip Sun Onn. If it yips, you don't quit. Is the direct opposite of if it doesn't fit, you acquit.
A few days ago, the ADUN for Titi Tinggi, Yip Sun Onn resigned his seat. To execute his resignation he sent his letter of resignation to the Perlis MB and Speaker of the Perlis DUN.
But the speaker and the MB who are both from UMNO do not relish a by election in the state. Perlis can only have a specific number of EXCOs. It's a state the size of a monkey's spread-eagled legs. The MB is a besieged individual being attacked by people from his own party and presumably supporters of Shahidan Kassim. The speaker whose tenure depends on the whispering discretion of the MB said he will not pass Yip's letter to SPR. He said, YIP wasn't planning to resign his seat the state government will try to persuade Yip to remain as ADUN.
Today the Chairman of the SPR said the Titi TInggi seat is still not vacant. Only SPR can declare and pronounce a se…

Good Example of Karma

Royal rumble in syariah court, Sultan files divorce application, Tengku Faris Petra is still in charge, Kelantan JPs want action against troublemakers etc..............

Sultan Ismail Petra is not even dead but lying in bed sick and what happens. Family members are all fighting for his throne and money. Does anyone care about his health or what he wants? Like I have said and mentioned many times what you do to others will come round and knock you back real hard.

Well Sultan Ismail Petra I hope you are having fun watching the show because you deserve it.

Zahrain the Teaser

For a short period of time Zahrain got our attention but then what surprises was there that is not already known to us folks. Everyone was aware that Mahathir wanted Pak Lah out but getting a replacement puppet dog that would help achieve his dream of being the master again was not easy. That was when he regretted sending Anwar to the gallow. If one were to view all Mahathir’s speeches and interviews one would have noted he did admit that he had framed Anwar. Mahathir cannot allow his pride to admit openly but there were many hints given.

After many discussion and advise from UMNO veterans it was decided that TR was the best choice given his age nearer to his final destination, position and respected by most Malays. But TR was not happy with some names on the President Council List namely Tun Daim. As time was running out Najib was chosen as an alternative. Rosmah being an ambitious woman told Najib to accept Mahathir’s conditions. Meanwhile Pak Lah was still reluctant to leave…

Open Invitation

If you are in Sydney in May 2010, do drop by and listen to my talented niece.

PKR Unhappy Members

Khalid’s noble intentions and prudent fiscal policies are being criticised by those who expect payback for their loyalty to the party. “When we were the opposition (in Selangor) I had to use my own money to fund party activities but now that we’re the government, I’m still using my own money.” said a grassroots’ disgruntled party leader who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He added while the public may be happy with the Mentri Besar reform policies, there are grassroots members who are unhappy with his tight grip on the purse strings.

This was demonstrated during the AGM on Sunday, when disgruntled members attempted to halt the meeting (AGM) after claiming it was unconstitutional. The meeting continued after it was put to a vote.

In January, 11 division committee members, including the Youth and Wanita chiefs, resigned after claiming they have lost confidence in Khalid’s leadership.


Working as a team is n…

Government has legalize gay sex services in Kuala Lumpur

It was reported in the press that Penang is becoming a hub for commercial gay sex services and the local councils seem to encourage it, police claim.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakub said police had raided health and fitness centres that were being used as a front for gay sex services over the past couple of years. We should not allow such unhealthy culture to thrive here chided critics who claimed that such raids would hamper tourism."

Maybe I should send an open invitation to DCP Ayub to come visit Jalan Berangan, Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang, all three are otherwise know as gay sex service hub. Sorry Sinful a specimen for Shafee and Najib only. Maybe when his money run out he can turn to Jalan Berangan for quick ringgit.

Jalan Alor in the good old days was a prostitute hub. Every single raid by the police ended with them fucking the girls and women for free. One could see the eagerness and glee from the policemen faces when told they are going to raid th…

No inspiration no millionaire whatever age

An online survey was done recently 96% of today’s youth aspire to become millionaires and three-quarters of them believe that they can by age 35.

To dream and talk about becoming a millionaire is easy. Even a beggar in the street can do that.

Malaysian youth today do not have what it takes to work and think two steps ahead in life. One just have to go to KLCC on any given day and time and bingo, many youth especially the Malays sitting idle and hanging loose there. Idle minds are the most dangerous leading to more petty crimes.

Today’s youth are happy go lucky. They do not know or have experience hardship. When hungry or in need of some luxury items, they ask their parents or friends for money. If none available they turn to petty crime and some offering their body for just RM20. The most fortunate ones are the ones whose parents belong to the elite UMNO CORRUPTED CLUB.

To want to become a millionaire you must have that hunger and inspiration to get out from that deep hole you are …

Three Unwise Men

Certain old farts are calling Ong Ka Ting to challenge Ong Tee Keat for the coming MCA election. It shows that MCA is lacking in capable leaders.

My opinion Liow, Chua, Wee, Chew and most important that Australian PR Ng Yen Yen should just pack up and leave while they are still standing, otherwise they will continue to make trouble and cripple MCA for personal and Rosmah gain.

To spell or not to spell

Thank you NTV7 for showing us our English has gone down the drain.

NeoNeps vs NEM by Sakmongkol AK47

This is one master piece I had to share with everyone.


Not a few commentators were questioning why didn't I combine with Ibrahim Ali? I take that to mean why I don't subscribe to Ibrahim Ali's views about Malays in Malaysia. Aren't you Malay and an UMNO?
Let me quickly put aside these misgivings; I know of Ibrahim Ali but don't know him personally. In the 1970's he used to be invited by UM students for students forum. I remembered one that had as its star guest, Comrade Kassim Ahmad (as he was then). When it was question time, this chap at the back of the audience stood up to say- all of what Kassim said are solvable by Islam. That chap was Ibrahim Ali and he was wearing his trademark PLO scarf then.
Indeed as Muslims, we can't argue with stating our religion as the universal panacea. But that does not excuse us from laying down the details, thinking out the means to solve a…

Male Menopause

Male Menopause (also called andropause or viropause) begins with hormonal, physiological chemical changes that occur in all men generally between the ages of forty and fifty-five, though it can occur as early as thirty-five or at late as sixty-five.

These changes affect all aspects of man’s life. Male menopause is thus a psychological, interpersonal, social and spiritual dimension. Men have reported having as many premenstrual type symptoms as women do (reduced or increased energy, irritability, and other negative moods, black pain, sleeplessness, headaches, confusion, etc.)

People like Ibrahim Ali, Ahmad Husni, Zubir Harun, Rais Yatim, independent MPs and many others are showing frustration in dealing with andropause. They are too ashamed to seek psychiatric treatment knowing it is a mental disease. One cannot blame them because these people have ego as big as their eye balls. So what happens, they try to divert our attention to imaginary issues - such as the Chinese wanting to rule…

Santa Claus Government

It is good that the Sultan of Johor had issued a warning not to treat Johor as a Santa Claus state.

But people like us had, had enough of speeches, warning and talk, talk from Royalty who do not mean a single word that comes from their golden mouth. What we hear and see differ aplenty.

I hope people in Johor are not short change again?

Indonesia defied doomsayers to become a surprise success story

Many countries are going badly. Indonesia was always going to be one. Or so we thought. It's turned out to be one of the surprise success stories.

For Australia, Indonesia was always the dark zone of dread, where bad things happened with worse to come. This wasn't entirely baseless. Sukarno's communist demagoguery was real. The brutal repressiveness of Suharto's military dictatorship was no figment of the imagination. But when Suharto's regime fell and the Indonesian economy collapsed simultaneously in 1998, it seemed to be the worst-case scenario.

A new Indonesia, the child of chaos and violence, was supposed to arise. These were the dominant scenarios that Australian Indonesia-watchers sketched out, usually in private, sometimes in public.

The first fear was that without a strong man to hold it together, Indonesia would break up. It would Balkanise, creating a group of fractious, needy, or hostile new countries to our north.

Some Indonesians, watching Australia's…

LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Open letter to DSAI

Dear DSAI,

Of late you have found yourself in a barren island without friends. But you are not alone. Since you and my husband shared the same school and University, it is obvious both of you share the same circle of friends.

Since my husband's bypass and lost of saving in 2006, I notice the very same circle of friends are only friends in public meetings but behind our backs they discard us like shit. I have become stronger knowing that my family need my strength and support to overcome this lonely situation. Like wise I hope and pray you will be strong and acknowledge that those around you are not friends.

I was told that since April last year every meetings or deals, are tape secretly for the benefit of Najib and Rosmah in case things do not go their way. Wonder what happens if it were to fall into your lap?

MCA is in the shit hole right now, you should take this opportunity to send an open invitation to them especially the 380 wanita that stayed on for the meeting. Many from t…

Rosmah playing wayang kulit with MCA

At the MCA Wanita and Youth Dinner held at the MCA Building in Jalan Ampang yesterday one could easily spot the unusual number of special branch and bodyguards guarding Liow. Heavy discussion was noted.

Many veterans were openly disgusted with Liow, Wee, Chew and Chua. The temperature inside the hall where the AGM would be held (if it is still on) is expected to be high and maybe a little bit windy, enough to send the chairs flying.

The gospel truth floating at the dinner were that Chua would be make an advisor like Mahathir, making way for Liow to be the President. So it is confirm by all at the dinner that Ong's political career is finish. But Ong being Ong is making a last dash hoping Najib will help. After exposing PKRZ, Ong should have known that he had stepped onto Ling's and Mahathir's feet way too heavy to be rescue by anyone except Allah.

Meanwhile like LKY of Singapore, Liow a calculative cat understand the power Rosmah holds, had pleaded for her help. Rosmah…

Do I! Do I Not!

Zulkifli Noordin will continue to fuck everybody especially DSAI until he can secure a nice pension from Najib. Till today he had not got anything in black and white. Najib is willing but Rosmah had put her foot down that no such letter can be given after her own nightmare on having her letters and sex video appearing in the net.

So how long more before PKR will throw this butt out. If it is not possible why not suspend him without allowance? Why are there so many excuses to NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST ZUL? Is it because he was once DSAI's lawyer and being a MALAY he is GOD? PKR you are making stupid mistake. There are many people with good intent for PKR who are willing to put down their lives and sound earning to serve if only you are willing to throw all those smelly waste out. Do it now before Najib calls for snap election. Najib is just waiting for Sarawak Election to decide on this.

Only Malaysian Politicians can take money to their grave

It is sad news that Salehuddin had make a dirty deal with Najib for RM2 million commission per MP pulled out from PKR.

Salehuddin should not talk about Malay issues, his children's future blah, blah, blah when he is the one screwing DSAI, Malays and the people's trust.

Today Tun Daim is very happy and proud that what he had told Najib and Rosmah that Salehuddin could be the turn coat to bring PKR to its knee. To be honest Tun Daim had always being right when he pinpointed Salehuddin cannot be trusted. He would rather put his last ringgit on Halim.

Well congratulation Najib you have landed yourself with self righteous butts who are only interested in your money. But what happens if you are brought down this year who then will have the last laugh?

Stupid Donkey

Let me relate a true story that happened in 1992. Mrs Ara was the class teacher for pre-school class Anggur in Sri Kuala Lumpur. Her assistant was Nora Zam Zam, that right the same and only one that likes to masturbate young boys. Mrs Ara had 35 years of teaching experience as an English and Maths Teacher. Nora just finish schooling and is an inexperience teacher. Mrs Ara would put up posters of animals, fruits etc relating to English and Maths on the wall and each time Nora comes into the classroom she would remove them. After some time Mrs Ara could not take it and questioned Nora why she did it? Nora would reply that as a Malay she has the upper hand in what can and cannot be put up on the wall. Since she was not happy with the pictures Mrs Ara had put up she has the right to pull them down. Anyway Nora said beside being young and fresh from school she was more updated in teaching English and Maths to the kids. Mrs Ara reported to the Headmistress, assistant head and her su…