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1Malaysia Transformation


Money and words cannot buy vote and popularity. Especially for someone in support of his wife killing Altantuya.

Government Transformation Programme

Someone must have taken the trouble to read "The Audacity of Hope" and "Positively American" to use the context as our government transformation programme. But the trouble with this country is, there is never a positive end result in whatever the G.O.D says or promise. They put on a big show and then frizzle out to do another but one thing is certain APs will continue, commission is a must to private swiss account, the people will continue to lose jobs and become poorer while the illegal immigrates are given opportunities.

Like the Shepherd boy who cried wolves too many times, we do not trust the G.O.D can transform.

Malaysia awaits 9/11

The the 88-storey Petronas Twin Towers will no longer be the tallest building for the Federal Government is planning to build a 100-storey building (or is it 3 hundred-storey building).

Are we not afraid of earth quakes? Do we in Malaysia really need such high structures? What about the increase of cars and traffic jams for all the sites are in already busy areas?

I thought we were over the tallest flag pole... the tallest tower...the tallest twin tower...but alas, here we go again and this time it will be 100-storey buildings...

And do we have the necessary fire fighting equipments for such a high building? What happens if there is a power failure? Walking down will be fun....

Have the people in the area been consulted? Have the notice board inviting objections and questions been put up at the project site. For these kind of 'mega project', it is not enough to just give the right to object to adjacent registered land owners. This right must be given to all people who live and wor…

Najib now wants to be a transformer

Transform means

To change the form of; to change in shape or appearance; to metamorphose; as, a caterpillar is ultimately transformed into a butterfly.

To change into another substance; to transmute; as, the alchemists sought to transform lead into gold.

To change in nature, disposition, heart, character, or the like; to convert.

To change, as an algebraic expression or geometrical figure, into another from without altering its value.

To be changed in form; to be metamorphosed.

This G.O.D or rather Najib is too weak to transform himself but expects playing with words would do the job itself. A person who pays a huge sum of money our money RM20 million to an agency in fact is only interested in image branding nothing more. Nothing so far is from his heart. To him a good publicity is all he needed to manipulate us into thinking he is the right person for the job.

Such nice word but action is not what we see and experience. Crime rate has not gone down. In fact it has gone up 500%. Dai…

Perception and Royal Reality in Malaysia

The King is Dead. Long Live the King, so to speak

Iskandar was one of the worst of Malaysia's sultans, a violent, often brutal and impulsive man who seemingly knew no bounds to his behaviour. He was lucky to be a sultan at all.

Malaysia has gone into mourning for the Sultan of Johor, Mahmud Iskandar Almarhum Sultan Ismail, who died Friday at 77. He was buried in an elaborate ceremony on Saturday. In Malaysia's oddball rotating kingship, which allows each of the country's nine sultans to wear the king's hat for five years, Iskandar became Malaysia's Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, or king, in 1984, relinquishing the title in 1989.

Najib Tun Razak, the prime minister, cut short a visit to India to extend his condolences and issue a statement: "On behalf of the government and people. I express sadness and extend condolences to Her Royal Highness Sultanah Zanariah and her children as well as the royal household on the demise of His Royal Highness the Sultan of Johor."


Another exit by Najib boleh

Another death, this time big Ghaz.

Since Najib began his Premiership this would be the 13 death and the number is going up daily.

I would appreciate if someone will do a search at the number of death to MPs, Royalty and cronies of UMNO during the helm of Mahathir (22 years). Without a doubt Najib would win hands down against the old man.

Many are saying Mahathir should be next in line on Najib's death list since he is making an ass on himself with the Allah, 911 issue etc but I am more willing to bet that Pak Lah will be the one.

People should not hope, pray or wish for Mahathir death. It would be better for this old man to be alive to see for himself how Najib, Rosmah and UMNO destroy themselves this year.

Allah is great.

The tiger will roar

For the past three months Najib and Rosmah have and are still going round the world to promote themselves through an agency with the price tag of RM20 million.

When the G.O.D screw the Chinese upside down, Najib and Rosmah went to China to ask for pardon. Then when churches were burnt they go to Saudi and Mecca to ask for forgiveness. When the authorities mistreat the Indians here they go to India to ask for more investments but not forgiveness. When Najib planned and screw PKR they rise the price for food to destroy the people's bravery.

Today we Malaysians are treated to high cost for food, utilities and transport. Double standard in justice. Biggest fraud and scam in billion ringgit so-called projects. Unfair allowance to certain cronies, in the name of sugar, rice, oil and car APs.

For the next two coming weeks MACC will have finish their task in destroying PKR's rule in Selangor and UMNO will be back sitting pretty in their grand Indonesia Palace. It will be an interesti…

The coming of Najib death list

The year 2010 started off with two death. Tok Mat and Paul. Today Sultan of Johor had departed.

My prediction was two Royal and four MPs death for December 2009 but it did not happened. But will it come true before the Tiger Year begins?

What I see may defer from Allah wish but who knows.

For the Tiger year I would like to add on four more Royal death, three Cronies who diverted UMNO's fund to Mahathir, two more MPs, two wives of ex-senior UMNO members and someone from Naza group.

Najib's karma is more death before Rosie's punishment.

Mecca Oh Mecca

Was it a coincidence that the witchcraft articles were in the media as Rosmah was performing her Haj.

People like Rosmah are not sincere and cannot change. Rosmah is fifty plus. Would a person at that age, who has privileges and wealth compromise being sincere and honest?

From my experience the answer is no.

Let me tell you a little story.

I have been a receiver of bomoh charm from Mahani Daim since 1982 till today. I am not proud to say that it has not affected my life but each time I had hoped it would be the last. Mahani had secured over the years bomohs from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and India. These bomohs are not cheap but money is not an issue here.

Over the years many discussion were held with several ex and present staff of her husband’s who had knowledge and some were under her bomoh entrapment. Many were agreeable that Mahani should have succeeded in killing herself when she attempted suicide. Some are still praying she will die. But then Allah is great, sinners …

Najib's mental aberration

A leader who not only gave permission but encouraged protest over the usage of Allah which was legally allowed by the court is now saying it is a minor aberration over the numerous attacks on Churches.

It will also be a minor aberration when we the people bury UMNO aberration to the ground in the coming election.

My opinion still stands that some people goes to Mecca for publicity and are not sincere in their hearts.

So how much did Najib had to pay for the Saudi award? Remember Mahathir had to pay a huge sum for a meeting with the Pope and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UMNO cake okay

Opposition are taking advantage on Nik Aziz's present situation. Opposition means the UMNO screw ups.

I started baking cakes when I was 9 years old and now my children are in bakery and French Crusine business. I may not be consider an expert in food industry but I can give British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay a run for his money.

I charge around RM65 to RM80 per kg for special occasion cakes like the above picture. For ordinary cakes like the ones found in cake shops around RM48 to RM75 per kg. Basically it depends on the ingredients, time and effort put into the cake.

I know of many home bakers who charges around RM800 for a 10 kg cake.

Many government departments have paid RM200 for a 2 kg cake for their many events.

So what is this noise I am hearing and reading over 6 cakes that weigh 10 kg each costing a total of RM3,900?

If I can recall correctly just last year in December 2009 Rosmah the bitch 10 kg birthday cake cost around RM2,000.

These screw ups should focus on cleanin…

Najib still hoping to clinch another May 13

The recent attack on Churches was not what Najib and Hishamoo wanted but it was close enough to stir hatred and suspicious among the people.

Najib by saying he cannot stop any protest against the decision of the Court to allow the Catholic to use the name of Allah is a positive sign that he wishes the small and narrow minded people would fight the other races like what happened in 13th May l969, thanks to his father Tun Razak. But then Najib forgot he is facing a new generation of people who are educated and have open their eyes to the many wrong done by UMNO leaders past and present. This generation of people no longer listen and obey but know what the UMNO leaders are up to. Had there being a riot of a sort, it was Najib's intention to impose a curfew and make sure that all the opposition leaders are put behind bars so that he can continue to screw this country up without obstacles and his wife Rosmah would be allowed to face the public without shame.

Failure to start such a ri…

There is no assurance in Najib's 1Malaysia

Hishamoo and IGP Musa have given assurance that the police would be probing the
church attacks.

But such assurance are mere words without action. History have shown our G.O.D and the police only probe petty and trivial issues like looking for Raja Petra and would shy away from high profile cases.

Meanwhile the BIGGEST BOSS Rosmah is sitting pretty knowing the public had forgotten she had murdered Altantuya. MACC had got their wish granted and it would be a long, long time before Dr Porntip is allowed to give evidence. Poor Kugan is again back to square one with nothing to show.

Screw Najib's 1Malaysia.

The double standard liar

The premier said that the government cannot stop people from gathering at mosques tomorrow to protest over the Allah issue.

Hishamoo said he did not give the green light.

Behold there will be a big gathering of protesters in mosques tomorrow. What if there were to be another gathering of a different issue like the ISA at the same venue and time, would the police arrest everybody in sight or just the peace loving ISA protesters? Come in full force to see the working of double standard by our authorities.

Gani Patail Had Confirmed BN and Mahathir had stolen billions from us

Oh Gani Sack if "rank and file" can steal jet engines worth RM100 million and shipped it out without notice. Then you now had confirmed without a doubt our Sultans, ex and present Prime Ministers, ex and present Finance Ministers, BN politicians and the VVIP can and have stolen from us our assets and wealth worth billions of Ringgit while you were busy counting your sin money.

Remember the book "Mahathir Maverick" that Hishamoo is hiding?

Human Trafficking on the rise, thanks to IGP Musa

Human trafficking is on the rise in Malaysia. But our Muslim NGOs are only interested in petty issue like the usage of Allah by other faith.

Maybe their jihad is to divide and destroy this country. Who knows? Maybe Allah forgot to add the extra omph.

But what is certain is those China Dolls in San Peng and missing children all point to the direction of IGP Musa and his buddy Tengku, the king of underground.


Malaysians who have too much of free time and money are overzealous in righting a right that is so petty.

In the meantime we have buses and taxis which are overmanaged to the point of no return.

When our money are flying out by the plane load with the kind help of UMNO senior members without a care.

Jet engines that were never here in the first place, are been directed to Iran thanks to Najib and Rosmah, who needed the money to offset their crimes.

We begin the 1st day of the year with the death of Tok Mat and second with Paul. Continue with this trend is Allah's way of helping us get rid of pariahs since we have a Prime Minister who is weak and a wife who is a murderer, who was never our choice to lead this country in the first place.

What we need is a freaking typhoon to wipe off not only the letters at PWTC but the whole building with its elite members burnt to the ground.

My wish for the year, that these pariahs are wiped off from this earth for the coming General Election.

Long live…

The Snouts Affair

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has filed a police report against Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand over her statement about the possibility that Teoh Beng Hock was murdered.

MACC officer Raub Ghani, who made the report in Shah Alam this morning, claimed Pornthip had leaked the contents of her autopsy report to “irrelevant parties” and was thus in contempt of court.

Now we can see how desperate the MACC is to ensure Dr Pornthip’s evidences cannot be allowed to surface. Like Altantuya’s murder case many evidences and the 4 persons who were directly involved in Teoh’s death escape the gallows.

The only way to the truth is to get rid of the present government. Do we have the will power to do just that?

Horrible Start for all Malaysians

First the good news that the Church can use the word Allah.

What boggles me how a man made word can create such malice hatred within our brothers? A word that is not patented by anyone or religion. Our politicians and religious men have shallow thoughts due to lack of proper upbringing and narrow mindedness. Now another new game is been created to counter this win. Spin, spin, spin to no end in sight.

Second the rise of 20 sen for sugar. Just after Deepavali sugar went up 60 sen a kilo and now another 20 sen added to it is way too much. Many non-believers thought I was lying when being told that essentials such as petrol, sugar, butter, cooking oil, rice, flour, milk,fresh produce and electricity will rise between 20 to 75 sen in January 2010. The present G.O.D is slick and slimy at getting their way. They know they can bull doze into rising essential goods beyond the reach of the poor and middle class, so that the people will beg and fight among themselves to survive. The G.O.D…