Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are we not human beings too

Most youth today are crude, ill-mannered and badly brought up. This is the way they are being taught in schools, by their parents and friends. These youth are self-centred and selfish.

Like most senior citizen I encounter, I am saddened when told of torture, hunger, desperation and given cold-treatment when they ask their own children to take care and feed them. I understand if these children are married. To have a family of their own involved money expenditure that they can ill-afford what more to feed their old and sickly parents. But one cannot and should not forget the many past sacrifices parents had to undergo.

Uncle Felix is 62 years old. He is staying with his 23 years old son who earns RM1,300 a month. This son can ill-afford to handle the household expenditure since he only just begun working. But Uncle Felix has an older boy aged 29 years old, working with Air Asia and earning RM5,000 excluding allowances which can come up to RM2,000 per month. This bachelor older son has a stubborn stack and policy that what he earns is his own and should not be given to his old aged parents.

Knowing his eldest son character Uncle Felix continue working till April 2010 when a sweet young Malay girl who is only a payroll clerk at Lake Club told him “you can now rest forever.” Now after working for Lake Club for 35 years one would think the Lake Club Management or HR Department could at least given him a letter to say they no longer needed his service. But to be told off by just a clerk verbally does piss and anger any person in his situation. When Uncle Felix approached the Managers, everyone denied knowing anything. So rather working without salary since everyone pretends to be in the dark Uncle Felix left but he wrote letters to demand to know the reason and why he was not given a letter of termination. After two months leaving Lake Club, Uncle Felix got a letter to say his service is not needed.

Lake Club was once a prestige club in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Patronize by the rich and famous, today is well known as the gigolo den for the frustrated wives, mistresses and business women who needed a quickie. Operafest founder Mrs Kam Sun Yoke’s only son is one of the many gigolos servicing there.

Since Uncle Felix was jobless for the past five months, he had to force himself to look for his eldest son who had refused to come home or see his family for the past nine months. When approached, the surprised eldest son, shouted and verbally abuse Uncle Felix and told him to stand in the middle of the road and get himself killed instead of asking for money.

For the past one month Uncle Felix and his wife Bernie had been surviving on a loaf of bread and curry kosong.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What will be shall be

There are many issues in PKR created within and outside the party. With strong backers like Vincent Tan, Ananda, Syed Moktar, Daim, Khairy, Rosmah etc whose names sound money and contracts. Do what they demand, want and you can become rich and maybe a Datuk or Tan Sri as bonus.

The whole ruckus in PKR is about cutting off the arms of Octopus Anwar, full stop nothing more. PKR cannot be dismantle but the power and influence of Anwar can be destroyed. So everyone who can and will benefit are acting in cahoots to do just that. Right now it looks like Anwar is been defeated. But Anwar is like an octopus, it can and will do an autotomy if necessary.

What past experience and lesson taught by Mahathir during those black days are not forgotten and wasted.

Like Zaid Ibrahim, Anwar does not have the support of the people until 2014 but together they can create, maintain and balance the party till then. But in the meantime someone must stop Azmin Ali from reaching the top.

To those who have left PKR and Anwar are patting themselves for succeeding in playing havoc so far, but karma will be harsh.

What will be shall be. The future will be decided by the people and not the hooligans who think they are smart.

It is surprisingly quiet that the UMNO gang bangs are not shouting sky heaven to what is happening in PKR?????????????????????????

Pig Money

Money from any source of taxes that are channeled into worthy causes should not be questioned or treated like haram.

Everyday we handle with our bare hands money from all sources, be it from the vegetable sellers, nasi lemak stalls or pork sellers. Money in circulation all have pig, frog and even dog strain. If one were to put it under microscope I am sure the DNA presences of haram meats are there. Now these money are paid to the corrupted UMNO members who in return act like a good person and donate it to charity. So is that not haram?

What about the taxes and bribes from Genting Highlands? Is Genting Highlands not a casino and is a casino not a gambling house? Maybe the Penang UMNO members do not know that the Penang Turf Club and Casino in Genting Highlands are both license and owned by the UMNO Government or should I said precisely Mahathir, Daim and Sultan of Pahang are shareholders.

So the next time any UMNO boys want to open their mouth be free to throw shits inside.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bukit Bintang is the deep hole where you can get everything. Be it workers, drugs, boys/men, girls/women, single/married, bouncers, killers, human trafficking etc..............Daily of unreported gang fights have turned the walls red overnight even basements and car parks are not spared.

Bukit Bintang is run by The Three Stripes Malay cum UMNO Gangster. What does that Three Stripes means I don't know but what I am sure of is that the Police Contingent down the road and up the hill is their headquarter with certain UMNO elites smiling from head to toe.

I remember those good old days Jalan Alor used to be run by the Chinese then came development. The new set of politicians then decided to chase out the Chinese gang and took over. But for the past ten years the Malays got green eyes decided that Bukit Bintang must be given to them. So start the gang of five clans. Three days ago only two were left - the Two Stripes and Three Stripes lord over Bukit Bintang. Yesterday lastest news, I was told that Three Stripes is now the only one standing.

So if you want anything be it workers, someone to soothe that urge or Joh Low, Rosmah and even Paris Hilton. No problem the Three Stripes grant your wishes as long as the price is right.

The first step to joining this gang is to beat up at least twenty Chinese and Indian boys, then you have to recruit at least three virgins for the bosses up the hill, then you have to join and become an UMNO member before being accepted as part of the family of Three Stripes.

So you see how young Malays are groom today, with Perkasa and Mahathir shouting Malay Rights. Yeah that kind of rights we do not need.

Sloppy Investigation

By now the whole world is in the know the way our Malaysian Authorities lack investigation skill and tidak apa attitude in their work, resulting in the murder of Sosilawati Lawiya and three others. The police have no excuse and should take this as a lesson to be learnt and not forget about it in a month’s time. This happened under Musa’s watch and we pray that the Present IGP would curb and put an end to this kind of attitude and taking of bribes.

Maybe the good IGP can re-open the files on Canny Ong, Altantuya (both of whom have share the same bed with Najib and were killed in a brutal manner, Kugan (in the hands of more than one (1) policeman and Teoh Beng Hock (in the hands of MACC senior officers).

After my police report against Tun Daim, MACC investigation officers Ahmad Helmi and Sukri came to take my statement. The manner and questions asked were lacking in skill and one is not wrong to think that they had to do it because Malaysia-Today had published the police reports. They were not interested nor wanted to hear Daim’s dirty dealings. What they wanted to know was the relationship between Daim and myself. Full stop. Illegal transaction is NO! NO. The other houses that was illegally transfer were also NO! NO.

I had no choice but to shove my list and names of those who have knowledge of these illegal transaction to them.

Then there was a report in the media that two contractors were charged in court over the collapse and death of seven workers at the old Jaya Supermarket in Petaling Jaya. Why was Daim not implicated in the charge when his fingerprints are everywhere? People who have worked with him will understand what I am saying. What bugged me the most is why the Indonesian Embassy had not demanded compensation for the seven workers? Did Daim seal their mouth with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Separation inevitable if want development

There comes a time when rots should not be allowed to continue and must end now. I am talking about Sarawak and Sabah. Leaders from UMNO and PKR has no right to interfere with how these two states should be run and by whom. Sarawakian and Sabahan must be strong willed and determined to chase out these unwanted creatures who have done nothing but poison the minds of the people there and in the process take their wealth. Like Singapore, Sarawakian and Sabahan should put their foot down and say “enough, is enough.”

I strongly believe that once taken off the hands of these sleazy leaders, Sarawak and Sabah can develop into progressive modern country similar to Singapore and South Korea. There are capable leaders of their own if given a chance to run things their way.

The havoc PKR especially Azmin Ali is creating in Sabah and Sarawak is one step toward a reunion of UMNO’s old guards, Azmin Ali with Anwar’s hands tied tightly. Anwar cannot deal nor control Azmin Ali so it is up to the PKR members to decide whether they want a leader to lead them to Putrajaya or have a closer tie with UMNO and be a puppet control by the UMNO old guards.

It would be good if the people could examine closely the relationship between Mahathir, Daim and Azmin Ali before casting their votes. Plus if one can remember clearly at no time did the authorities dare touch a hair of Azmin Ali when he was taken in by them. Azmin Ali is nearing the top thanks to UMNO and certain PKR members but not by the people who have the brain to think and see things clearer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The next generation of useless superbumis

Many discussions of late had been about the next generation of rich and useless children of the superbumis.

I dare say that the children of Shahrizat and Daim whom I know personally are typical Malay brats who have not contributed any worth to this country except to spend their ill wealth to no end and get Datukship for doing nothing.

If Shahrizat and Daim were to died today, the children will be in wilderness blaming others for their failure in holding on to their wealth. One can forgive these useless children because they were brought up that way.

Yesterday Mahani Daim’s brother Yatim passed away. Even before his body can turn cold I was told his thumb prints were taken so that his ill gotten wealth can be shared among the siblings, children and Daim. Why Daim? Maybe Tun can answer that without shame. Rest assure knowing Yatim’s children too well, the money and assets will be gone before their hair can turn grey.
Losing by default by Sakmongkol AK47

Now that I have written several articles in Bahasa Melayu, l shall revert to English. The central theme of my articles is that if there is anyone to be blamed for the confusion about how UMNO should treat Perkasa, it's the UMNO president.
UMNO has forfeited its role as spokesman of Malay leadership by default. First because the UMNO president is giving out ambivalent messages. He hasn't given unqualified and absolute support to his foot soldiers. He is asking his people to distance themselves from Perkasa but undercuts this call by saying we are not at war with Perkasa. And what does distancing mean exactly? It's not a question of at war or at odds. It's a case of stating clearly that UMNO doesn't share the same ideals of Perkasa.
It's a case of saying that UMNO has a better program and agenda than Perkasa will ever have. Right now, UMNO hasn't done that beyond discussing whatever programs which seem never to have been finalized yet in labs conducted by consulting companies.
Otherwise we are better off by shutting up. The core element of Perkasa's struggle is the retention of NEP and of Malay rights. It is to this element that UMNO leaders must argue. Unfortunately they don't have the grey matter to argue against the idea.
Malays in general are not averse to reason and sensibility. It is a mark of mental and cerebral deficiency if you resort to name calling as a means to counter Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa.
How would you argue against NEP? Start by asking what has NEP turned into at the hands of achievement- challenged UMNO leaders?
It stands for social immobility.
It stands for getting on in life by way of cutting corners, working less and wanting a free lunch.
It stands for a system that does not match rewards with ability and hard work..
It stands for a system that makes putting in less effort but getting more benefits, respectable.
But before that we have to state the following. If whatever privileges are already enshrined in our constitution- to wit article 153, then why do we need organizations like Perkasa to add validity to this article? It suggests that we are not confident of our own constitution. Or Perkasa can clearly see that there is no longer UMNO in the future. If there is no UMNO then, the constitution can be changed. By the way article 153 provides for the Agung to ensure a few things pertaining to Malay privileges are protected.
To me then, it's not article 153 that we should focus our attention to. It's the paramouncy of the institution of the Agong. If that is the case, vest in him paramount authority as the final arbiter and veto power to ensure not only Malay privileges but to include other things as well- how and why PETRONAS money is applied or that the Agung has the final authority to endorse plans to spend extraordinary amount of public funds.
Two, Malays will forever be the majority group in this country. I find it impossible for Malays to forsake what are important to them regardless of whatever party they belonged to.
So where is the steam that pushes Perkasa? Ini pun orang UMNO tak boleh debat.
This is the way we should argue why NEP must be abolished. It's not the Malays will drop off dead if the NEP is abolished. I have long held the view that rights are what we fought for and earned and not gotten gratuitously. This is what the NEP is instilling- that rights are a given because they are so. Also because its written in our constitution.
The validity of NEP doesn't depend on article 153. That article provides for powers to be exercised by the Agung in matters concerning government positions, scholarships etc. even then, such powers are to be exercised with circumspect- the most important qualification being, in so far as they do not injure the legitimate rights of other Malaysian races.
I want to tell our Malaysian Chinese brothers, they are not the only ones pissed off with the NEP. The majority of Malays are equally angered. Because the NEP has turned out to actually be, a fight to control the turf by competing Malay elites, the superbumis, the puteras in the bumi. The majority are treated as cannon fodder by these people in working out a solution with the elites of other Malaysians.
How many percent of the Malay population benefited from the RM 54 billion offer to take up offers in listed companies? We know so many cashed out that the value held by bumiputeras is now only RM 2 billion. I have written sometime ago, let the government list out those who have cashed out and permanently bar them from even applying for new shares.
So I come to my first contention that NEP far from empowering the majority of Malays represent a hurdle for social mobility. So when the majority is denied access to wealth creating resources, this breeds enmity and social tensions. The social mobility which the NEP sought to do, was enjoyed by the privileged few. How many can play golf with the PM and brokered RM 200k for the PM? not everyone can become Low Taek Jho and redirect RM 5 billion to become 1Malaysia Development Fund and in the process, earned RM 700k? not many people can equal an ex sprint queen who arranges the hubby to become the umbrella contractor controlling so many JKR projects or become one of the partners selling train coaches to the Malaysian government?
Because the mobility meant for Malays are differentiated. For some, the privileged, the well connected, it's a program that allows cutting corners. Pink forms here and there, easy financing, sometimes free shares because of who they are. For the majority, the mobility has to be earned the hard way- work hard, toil the land, study harder.
The NEP represents unequal outcome through unequal opportunities. What we wanted were equal opportunities resulting naturally in unequal outcomes.
How can I be persuaded that NEP is good for the Malays?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

1Malaysia Extremism

Najib is saddened by rise of extremism in Malaysia. I am agreeable to that looking at how the one beside him used crude and brutal way to kill off his mistress.

Ooph I thought he was talking about our culture of taking ones life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra

Congratulation to Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra who was proclaimed the Sultan of Kelantan yesterday.

I have done a reading on the new Sultan of Kelantan which I hope Tuanku would bear in mind for the sake of the Kelantanese.

Readings shows that Tuanku is Materialistic, Procrastinate, Self-centered. 2011 shows you are indecisive and insecure which Tuanku must overcome. Throughout Tuanku life there is family support but Kelantanese are wary and suspicious of the Royal Family after going through hell with the ex-Sultan and his greedy wife.

Tuanku your destiny is to be a Sultan only and should not be involved in business of any kind. Whatever business done will be a failure and your downfall in the future. Keep that in mind and Tuanku if fated you can be the greatest Agong in 2014 but only if you stay, stay far away from business.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Today is Hari Raya but I am not in the mood to celebrate, knowing that our future is dim.

Our Government is buying arms underground to ensure the opposition do not run this country in the next election. The rich are already secure with their wealth hidden overseas and can just leave at a moment notice.

But it is the people like you and me who have to bear the suffering and killing by the greedy UMNO bastards. We are the ones who have nowhere to run.

It is times like this that we wish we have magical power to make the UMNO bastards disappear.

We have the Royalties who are not interested in us but their own skin. Yet they expect us to obey and listen to their commands.

So why are we not making ourselves heard?

Bloody 13th General Election

Election is definitely just ten days before Chinese New Year Day so that most Chinese cannot travel to and fro to vote and rush home to celebrate their festival within a short period. If what is reported in Malaysia-today is true then one can expect blood flowing in the States of Penang, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Selangor which are already in the hands of the Opposition and two others states - Perlis and Terengganu.

Knowing the nature of Najib and Rosmah who are desperate to be in power plus people like Mahathir, Daim, Khairy, Zahid, Gani Patail etc including certain Royalties who do not want the public to know of their crime will definite use whatever means to silent the people.

The first people to be killed will be the leaders from DAP, PAS and Anwar. Why Anwar because he is the obstacle to Azmin Ali who is double agent being paid by Mahathir and Daim.

Azmin had been supported by both Mahathir and Daim since 1985 then later Anwar when he became the Finance Minister. That is what Daim told me, so will I be kill off too.

Knowing Daim, my family are definitely in danger. But who cares when we are nobody.

It would be good for the Chinese, Indians and lain-lain to be prepared to be slaughter like animals come this 13th General Election. Isn't 13th a number that spell trouble.

Child driven education

Can the Malaysian Ministry of Education look into this?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's under the sarong

A CAR thief ran off when the owner of the vehicle he was about to steal got into the car naked.

Russell Stuart, 51, was woken when he heard his Peugeot car being revved up on his driveway in the early hours.

Mr Stuart ran outside, opened the passenger door and sat beside the thief - not realising he had forgotten to get dressed.

As soon as the thief saw Stuart, he flung the door open and made a run for it. “I just got out of bed and ran to my car, opened the passenger door and sat down,” said Mr Stuart, of Kent, southeastern England.

“I said to him, 'all right mate, where are we going then?' And he jumped out of the car and legged it. I don’t know what the guy must have thought when a large naked bloke got into the car next to him, but when your car is being stolen you don’t think about it, you just react.”

Mr Stuart drove around the town looking for the thief but, still naked, gave up after a while in case he got pulled over for indecent exposure.
This story reminds me of two incidents that happened in my area.

The first incident happened when my neighbour an ex-civil servant was watering his plants. It so happens his wife was approaching the gate after marketing, when a snatch thief grab her purse. Her husband upon hearing her scream reacted and gave chase but fell short when his sarong came lose.

The second was at a surau while waiting for my husband to finish his prayer for his friend's departure from this world. An elderly man while praying, his sarong came loose and expose his butt when he bent down.

An underwear does not cost much. Plus I understand that it is comfortable to be naked inside but there is no guarantee freak accident do not happen.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The last Baboon must go too

Malaysians welcome the news that finally we see the last of IGP Musa Hassan. Come 13th September 2010 Ismail Omar will be the man everyone is hoping who not only has the strong principle to end the era of corrupted and sleazy men in the police force but be fair to us and stand up against a weak Prime Minister with a bitchy whore by the name of Rosmah and a nagging frustrated Mahathir Kutty. But will our wish become a nightmare too like what happened when Pak Lah became the Prime Minister. A Mr Clean who turn out to be Mr Cleaner.

God’s willing we will not have to wait long to see the true colour of Ismail Omar. If the Opposition were to win more seats in the coming 13th General Election will Ismail Omar impose a curfew and create another May 13th like when DAP won the seat in Selangor in 1969? Hot real hot.

While we wait for the 13th General Election to be announce it would be good if we can continue to pray and wish that man with a tail behind his name will also go on permanent leave. With Gani Patail still holding on to the AG post our problems will continue to remain stagnant.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Merdeka

This year many people like me did not bother to celebrate Merdeka nor show our patriotism in putting up the Malaysia Flag.

This country has gone down the shit hole with racism and a weak Government who only bows and take care of the ELITES.

We are fed-up looking at Najib and Rosmah faces in the newspaper daily.

We are fed-up with the moot face Rais Yatim who is suffering from constipation daily.

We are fed-up with Hishamoo who thinks he so clean.

We are fed-up with Mahathir who thinks he is still the Prime Minister behind the curtain.

We are fed-up with the AP gluttons.

We are fed-up with the Royalties who take every opportunity to kill our spirit.

With this kind of frustration what is there to celebrate.

Malaysian Pak Turut

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