Thursday, August 5, 2010

Efficiency my dear MACC

Wow 5,000 more officers for MACC. The number is impressive but then many question pops to mind. But most important, is there really a need to have that many officers when MACC can just recruit Nades and Terence from the SUN? These two men are not super heroes but one can see how efficient they are in their task.

Government servants like to work in big group. The air of supremacy. Their time are spent on talking rubbish, facebook/netlog, reading newspapers, watching porno etc basically everything under the sun except their job.

Thanks to the police brutality at the BERSIH gathering I had to have stitches done on my head at Assunta Hospital. It took an hour and I was back at the police station looking for my son. People around the world were aghast at the way our police handled the situation. So, under pressure the police decided to pretend to investigate. So I was contacted and had to have my head examine by a government hospital as Assunta Hospital is private. Off I went to Universiti Hospital. Registering was fast. Then I had to wait for 15 mins before a nurse called me in to check my pressure. After that I was told to wait for the doctor. I asked how long, reply was soon. Well that soon was 41/2 hours waiting, waiting, waiting. There were 12 other patients who were like me waiting. In the meantime I saw and counted 18 staff consisting of nurses and interns but no doctors. Every single one of them were talking non-stop. Some of them were multi-tasking like eating, reading newspaper, combing hair, putting make-up, filing nails, touching each other. Yes members of the opposite sex cannot resist each other. Who knows how far the touching goes behind the screen. The man that examine my head which took just a minute was only an intern and whom I was watching for the past 41/2 hours walking, chatting, touching the nurses, went for prayer and had tea. Like a fool I was sitting there waiting for him to just look at the stitches done at the Assunta Hospital.

Then out of curiosity I went to Klinik Gigi Kerajaan just opposite my son’s shop. Usual, to register was fast. There were only two people before me. I counted seven staff and two dentists. One dentist and a staff was attending to a patient at room 1. The rest were chit chatting loudly and laughing and multi-tasking. The dentist that saw me later walked passed me three times going back and forth chattering away. Fifteen minute later I was usher in to have my teeth examine. I told the dentist I just want to have my teeth clean. She fix an appointment for the following month. I asked whether she could do it now. Her reply was she can only attend to patients who have an appointment. When I left there were no patients waiting outside. So I decided to leave my book behind on purpose. Twenty minutes later I went back to retrieve my book. The whole place was empty and the staff were having a good time doing their own stuff. Time 10 am.

So Shukri Abdull praises for his staff who are dedicated to their work by even working on their off days to complete whatever they are doing should be taken with a pitch of salt.

I have been to MACC offices many times over the years for my complaints, so what I have seen and experience at Universiti Hospital and Gigi Klinik semua SAME, SAME. In case you think I am bias I also been to Prime Minister’s office, AG office and Bukit Aman many times to lodge complaint direct to the top. SAME, SAME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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