Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sibu a losing game

Sibu is one East Malaysia flavor that money cannot buy but billion ringgit projects or a seat in the Vice President Council is the key. Sarawakian and Sabahans have a different lifestyle unlike Peninsula Malaysia. The rich there are very rich and the poor very poor. The middle class you can count with just two hands.

Let me relate what my friends from Sarawak and Sabah tell me. After every elections, a couple of handful names are pulled out from the boxes that voted for the opposition. The names are checked through with the police and EC officers. Then the names are given to certain people who will ensure that if you are in business, you are finish. If by chance you are in the government, you are put in the cellar that no-one remembers. But if you just an ordinary worker sometimes you may be lucky to continue to be employed. Otherwise you are sure of being mugged, bashed up or even meet with an accident.

Two of my friends have got permanent resident overseas and a few here waiting for the day they too can get out. At the last two elections their parents voted for the opposition, since then their businesses have suddenly spiral down. The parents are sacrificing themselves here but insisted that the children leave Malaysia for a better future. I have spoken to the parents who admitted that their business bloom while they were close to the top leaders but realised that they did not want to continue to lead a sinful lives. Their children are already big enough to look after themselves so now they want to do the right thing by voting for the opposition.

So what the police are doing by deploying 200 CID personnel to work hand in hand with Special Branch and the more than 2000 police personnel that are already there shows the dirty hands of PDRM. What is not reported are the Arm Forces and Najib's special force. I want to confirm again and again that Najib does have a special force hidden from the public.

As for the Dayaks I strongly believe they will receive the same dirty tactics as the the Orang Asli in Hulu Selangor where they were given cartons of beer, RM1,000 and have their Mykad taken from them.

The Chinese in Sibu will also be bribe and threatened like the Chinese in Hulu Selangor. But will the Sibu Chinese say enough is enough we are not goods to be traded and fuck your money. Will the business community STAND UP that is the most important issue here?

The Malays in Sibu are already dead so how can they vote.

Still my hat off to DAP for fighting a losing game.

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