Monday, April 19, 2010

Waiting for Upturn

Najib says he wants to be transformer to uplift our lives. But many issues that are brought to attention and have affected our lives are being swept aside as non-important. It may mean nothing to people like him simply because he lives in a different world.

Today it was announced that ex-PKA directors are off the hook. It is a slap on our face but what can we do. Najib and Rosmah had used their position and money to make sure Chua is make MCA President so that Ling and Mahathir can be saved once again.

Then we have the issue of APCO. Interesting enough all the Sultans and even the Agong are pretending not to know. It shows how every big issue that affects the whole nation is not important once again. To the Royal Household they only care how to control the people on religion issue, other matters money and projects can kow tim. This is the kind of Malay Muslim Mahathir had breed. It does not matter that Israelis can control or take over the country as long as it is not the Chinese, Indians or people of other races born in Malaysia. That is taboo but Israelis YES! YES with open arms.

At the Hulu Selangor there are posters of Zaid drinking but what about UMNO leaders who have bars, gambling tables and free passes to other peoples' wives, sons and daughters at their well guarded homes. Maybe I should bring some reporters to raid their homes then the truth can be known or even give flight schedules where they bring these women and boys to fuck. Or do I expose the Ministers who goes into RMAF base to sodomize the interns. I challenge PM, DPM, Rosmah, Vice Presidents and all the Ministers, Deputy Ministers to swear on the Quran that they have never done the sins I have mentioned here. When Muhyiddin was the Menteri Besar of Johor even the Sultan of Johor then kept a full record of his sinful ways. So if today the files were to go flying round the nation, will Muhyiddin deny it.

Until UMNO is brought to death nothing and no-one even the arrogant Najib can transform this sick country.

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