Friday, April 23, 2010

Mahathir's high moral

“Do not put your trust in this frog. What happens if he is drunk? Then how is he going to do his work?” he said, leaving the crowd that turned up in stitches.

Mahathir said that it was dangerous to trust “frogs” for one would never know where they would jump to next. This frog truly has strong hind legs, I tell you. He is like superman, he can jump from here to the roof too,” he said of Zaid although the Kelantan-born politician was sacked from Umno in late 2008.

Is Mahathir going to say he cannot remember the three frogs from Perak or does it not matter any longer since they are on UMNO side?

Dr Mahathir then continued hard on yet another attack used recently to discredit Zaid’s “Islamic-ness” by accusing the latter of telling an untruth when he said he did not indulge in racehorse gambling.

“He says he does not gamble but he merely owns racehorses.

“I have horses myself, I have about 30 horses of my own but this is different — this is a horse to ride, not to use in races,” he pointed out.

I am not too sure given that Mirzan is a gambler addict. One must remember Mahathir thinks he is higher than Allah.

He accused Zaid of obtaining his riches during his tenure as a law minister and said that the former Umno man was like a “kacang lupakan kulit”.

Did Mahathir and children not become rich even though they lost billions in fuck up business. Whose sweat money were used to pay off their debts? Is Mahathir willing to swear on the Quran? But then he is God, aiyah.

In his typical no-holds-barred style, Dr Mahathir then moved his criticism to his arch-enemy and former deputy in the government, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mahathir claimed that before joining Umno, Anwar had initially wanted to join the Islamist party PAS.

Mahathir forgets he was the one who pleaded and begged Anwar to join UMNO and had approached the latter's father.

He also poked fun at Anwar and his “sexual preference”, which he said he was unable to accept.

“When he joined, it looks like a lot of things were happening... happening at ‘the back’.

“You want to bring me down in politics, it’s OK, but this, I cannot accept,” he said, referring to Anwar’s sodomy accusations.

Mahathir look in the mirror. Did you not have sex with Shahrizat in Parliament and what about your rendezvous with Mahathir Daim in Singapore. Where you two sharing latest gossip in a condominium alone?

He noted however that such “preference” could be accepted by the “orang putih” but not in Malaysia.

“To them (the foreigners), they like this type of things. Even their children are not spared.

“That’s why you see, they love Anwar Ibrahim... those Australian MPs who Anwar convinced to come here and protest against his sodomy trial, look at them — some even wore lipstick and earrings. No wonder they like Anwar,” he jibed.

Did Mahathir forget his own children enjoying free sex everytime they go on a trip?

Mahathir talking about high moral should look in the direction of the present leaders like Zahid, Muhyiddin and Najib who have had experience sex with men rather boys.

Which UMNO ministers and deputy ministers did not become millionaire while serving the ruling government? Even those who kiss the hands of the UMNO leaders can become rich overnight.

The people applause at your sin not your cleverness.

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