Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indian-Malay Muslim Gambler

22 years as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir had gambled and lost these recorded sum:

Maminco RM660.5 million
Bank Bumiputra RM10 billion
Bank Negara RM47 billion
Perwaja RM15 billion
Tin Caper RM 1 billion

Embezzlement RM50 billion

Paid Off Mirzan Gambling Debt RM 2 billion
Paid Off Sultans Gambling Debt RM 3 billion

Offshore investment RM 2 billion

Unrecorded business RM12 billion

Money from EPF and Petronas were taken to pay off these losses.

Pak Lah too gambled and lost RM22 billion

Najib loss shall be seen before the 13th Election.

Rosmah personal saving RM 1 billion

Mahathir used to say UMNO will one day be run by millionaires. He is correct, some are even billionaires.

A special attention should be given as to why Mahathir is shying away from Hulu Selangor election. Bukit Beruntung used to be Mahathir pet development but today a ghost town. The thought of houseowners waiting to pounce on him frightens him too much.

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