Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Same same

This article from People's Parliament.

Sorry to be writing to you so soon after the last, but I read on Malaysianinsider that at the racist Perkasa congress over the weekend, you had called for a review of something or the other so as to be able to reply to allegations that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth and denied the rights of non-Malays, and felt that I could not let you get away with these mischievous, dishonest observations without responding to the same.

You see, I do not think anyone has said that the Malays have stolen the country’s wealth or denied the rights of the non-Malays.

What many have said, myself included, is that you and your privileged cronies, inside and outside of government, have robbed the people of this nation, Malays included.

And, inspired no doubt by you, many in the civil service also got in on the action.

I’m going to keep this short, so I’ll just cite one instance. I’ll leave commentators to add to the list, if they care to.

One evening in the early 90’s, when Putrajaya and KLIA was being conceived by your government, I got a call from a friend who excitedly asked me to meet him to look at a ‘cannot go wrong’, ’sure make money’ investment opportunity.

I met him at a pub in PJ.

He opened up maps of Sepang and Dengkil, said he had connections with people who had connections in the highest offices of government, identified the areas on the maps that were being earmarked for the construction of Putrajaya and KLIA and the housing and commercial areas that would sprout up thereabouts, and then said that the owners of these property were unaware of these intended developments. If we bought now, the price would be dirt cheap.

When sold later, or if acquired for purposes of the intended development, the returns, either from the re-sale or government acquisition, would be considerably higher.

Big profits to be made.

At the loss of those who had held those properties for a long time, some passed down from generation to generation.

And who were unaware of the intended development.

These were Malays.

Who were screwing them?

My story is almost similar to the above.

The only different is my information and opportunity were direct from the horses's mouth. That right Mahathir and my old man. I did not take up the offer not because I was a fool but I have my children's karma to consider.

But Mahathir's dancing partner cum part time lover and her family members became instant millionaire overnight with their purchase of lands in Sepang and Dengkil.

To further your interest the RM52 billion bumi shares LGE is talking about. My old man sold RM20 billion share and carried the cash in his own private jet out from Malaysia.

One should also fire the gun at Mahathir and sons who also cashed out their billion shares. Mahathir cannot deny that his children did not receive billion of shares when he was the Prime Minister. Mahathir's children would not be millionaires today (not billionaires because they are stupid) if not for free shares, land and projects given on golden plate. It is well known in the business community that even with 200 companies in their names, every single one of the companies did not make money. Instead it was the free shares and lands that got them standing today. So it would be good if Mahathir can just shut up and not continue to lie.

Call it NEM or NEP, Najib cannot offend the elite members otherwise people like Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali will C4 him and Rosmah. Believe me people like Mahathir etc have alway consider their needs greater than ours and are gluttons. The very good example of Malay plus Mamak Muslim who are willing to swear like Najib (malay plus bugis muslim) on the Quran. (I swear I do not know the Mongolian Girl but cross his finger not daring to mention Altantuya's name) Mahathir will swear - I have no knowledge that the children (instead of my children) receive billions of shares.

It is such pity that people like Mahathir think they can continue to fool us.

Talking about swearing on the Quran, I know many so-called extreme Muslim who can fuck and swear on the Quran like having nasi lemak and teh tarik for breakfast.

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