Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RM50 million budget to buy donkeys

It's a skullduggery tactic by Yip Sun Onn. If it yips, you don't quit. Is the direct opposite of if it doesn't fit, you acquit.
A few days ago, the ADUN for Titi Tinggi, Yip Sun Onn resigned his seat. To execute his resignation he sent his letter of resignation to the Perlis MB and Speaker of the Perlis DUN.
But the speaker and the MB who are both from UMNO do not relish a by election in the state. Perlis can only have a specific number of EXCOs. It's a state the size of a monkey's spread-eagled legs. The MB is a besieged individual being attacked by people from his own party and presumably supporters of Shahidan Kassim. The speaker whose tenure depends on the whispering discretion of the MB said he will not pass Yip's letter to SPR. He said, YIP wasn't planning to resign his seat the state government will try to persuade Yip to remain as ADUN.
Today the Chairman of the SPR said the Titi TInggi seat is still not vacant. Only SPR can declare and pronounce a seat as vacant and since the wise Speaker has held back the letter, the SPR could not make any decision at all. he could very well say- what letter? Indeed the Speaker can also now say- what Letter?
Yip resigned on a simple reason. He was a former EXCO and he wasn't chosen to continue as EXCO. His decision to quit was purely because of personal greed. He wanted to be EXCO at all costs.
There's the chink in his self righteous armor. Being EXCO carries with it many financial perks- board members of state GLCs or businesses. Extra allowances, government cars, front seat at Istana functions, bragging rights to the wife (wives think they are also elected reps) and so on.
And so, we come to the million dollar question? What kinds of inducements were offered to Yip to not quit? Come on Yip- don't be bashful. Out with it. One Malaysia wants to know what you got my friend.
This Chinaman who resigns because of greed would not retract his resignation letter if the benefits of this final and enlightened decision do not outweigh the sense of anguish and humiliation which formed the basis of the cost of his quit decision. Suddenly his value has leaped by quantum heights. How much per inch Yip?
In Malaysia who says it is hard to be instant millionAIR. One must be a screw-up MP and bingo you are in the market to be offered millions to make all kinds of allegation, withdraw resignation letter and be a party jumper. Truth is not important but loud noises must be heard.

But the Great Divine is showering us with thunder and flood giving signs that destiny cannot be change by a mere RM50 million.

Zulkifli said he was asked to link the first couple to Altantuya's murder. Show us the evidence don't talk like Zahrain and company.

Altantuya may be dead but trails from Singapore, London, Paris and Hongkong do have steps of evidences. Why do you think Najib is in Hongkong? Business is just a cover-up to a certain negotiation.

Zulkifli I hope you got enough to buy yourself a burial hole. When Rosmah fuck you even that hole may not be enough.

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