Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PKR Unhappy Members

Khalid’s noble intentions and prudent fiscal policies are being criticised by those who expect payback for their loyalty to the party. “When we were the opposition (in Selangor) I had to use my own money to fund party activities but now that we’re the government, I’m still using my own money.” said a grassroots’ disgruntled party leader who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He added while the public may be happy with the Mentri Besar reform policies, there are grassroots members who are unhappy with his tight grip on the purse strings.

This was demonstrated during the AGM on Sunday, when disgruntled members attempted to halt the meeting (AGM) after claiming it was unconstitutional. The meeting continued after it was put to a vote.

In January, 11 division committee members, including the Youth and Wanita chiefs, resigned after claiming they have lost confidence in Khalid’s leadership.


Working as a team is never easy. It is like a marriage. When you are in love everything is perfect and beautiful. Reality only sink in after a couple of months when sex is just a routine to release tension and no more a beautiful reunion between two people. Each partner going back to old routine and forgetting now that two people must work together to build a home. Ask any contractor whether they can work alone in building a house.

Last week some PKR members came to complain about the RM100,000 allotted to them saying "where enough to build a foundation, run a center and help the people. PKR is now the Selangor State Government, the State is loaded with money why can't they allocate RM10million. You think we work for free. Blah! blah!"

This is not uncommon among UMNO and PKR members. No matter how much you allocate, it is never enough. Tun Daim used to complain that people and Royalty think UMNO is personal ATM for them.

To me a good leader is someone who is focus on his/her job. Know how to utilize whatever amount given. Have some business sense to source for sponsorship and get members to come out with ideas to bring in income to help pay the petty bills.

If everyone were to be like the ones who walked out complaining lack of allocation then each and everyone of them are deem to be murderers bleeding the Selangor State Government dry. Must the State Government empty their coffer to please these unworthy lot?

Just make do with what is given and show us you are a better leader cum manager than the MB of Selangor and DSAI.

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