Thursday, March 4, 2010

Only Malaysian Politicians can take money to their grave

It is sad news that Salehuddin had make a dirty deal with Najib for RM2 million commission per MP pulled out from PKR.

Salehuddin should not talk about Malay issues, his children's future blah, blah, blah when he is the one screwing DSAI, Malays and the people's trust.

Today Tun Daim is very happy and proud that what he had told Najib and Rosmah that Salehuddin could be the turn coat to bring PKR to its knee. To be honest Tun Daim had always being right when he pinpointed Salehuddin cannot be trusted. He would rather put his last ringgit on Halim.

Well congratulation Najib you have landed yourself with self righteous butts who are only interested in your money. But what happens if you are brought down this year who then will have the last laugh?

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