Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Male Menopause

Male Menopause (also called andropause or viropause) begins with hormonal, physiological chemical changes that occur in all men generally between the ages of forty and fifty-five, though it can occur as early as thirty-five or at late as sixty-five.

These changes affect all aspects of man’s life. Male menopause is thus a psychological, interpersonal, social and spiritual dimension. Men have reported having as many premenstrual type symptoms as women do (reduced or increased energy, irritability, and other negative moods, black pain, sleeplessness, headaches, confusion, etc.)

People like Ibrahim Ali, Ahmad Husni, Zubir Harun, Rais Yatim, independent MPs and many others are showing frustration in dealing with andropause. They are too ashamed to seek psychiatric treatment knowing it is a mental disease. One cannot blame them because these people have ego as big as their eye balls. So what happens, they try to divert our attention to imaginary issues - such as the Chinese wanting to rule this country.

Let me tell you eunuchs about the Chinese in Malaysia. They are not interested in ruling this ruin and corrupted country. To them they just want to earn enough of money to send their children out of this country. Why do you think the G.O.D is fighting for scraps left behind by Mahathir, Daim and Pak Lah? Come 13th General Election there will be nothing left except dog shit for the people.

If the Chinese wanted to rule this country, why then did Mahathir and Daim entrusted Chinese like Vincent Tan with UMNO's money worth 60 billion and the printing of Ringgit for Malaysia. PKFZ money went into ex MCA President Ling private account.

Ibrahim Ali the man who was given RM200 million and spend all on gambling and women, don't shoot your canon unless you want to be blasted.

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