Friday, March 5, 2010

Do I! Do I Not!

Zulkifli Noordin will continue to fuck everybody especially DSAI until he can secure a nice pension from Najib. Till today he had not got anything in black and white. Najib is willing but Rosmah had put her foot down that no such letter can be given after her own nightmare on having her letters and sex video appearing in the net.

So how long more before PKR will throw this butt out. If it is not possible why not suspend him without allowance? Why are there so many excuses to NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST ZUL? Is it because he was once DSAI's lawyer and being a MALAY he is GOD? PKR you are making stupid mistake. There are many people with good intent for PKR who are willing to put down their lives and sound earning to serve if only you are willing to throw all those smelly waste out. Do it now before Najib calls for snap election. Najib is just waiting for Sarawak Election to decide on this.

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