Monday, February 1, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Psychological warfare is on going in Perak. One must be wise and patience to understand the people's hearts. PKR must work with the people to come out with a forceful strategy to win big in the coming General Election.

To win now is simply a waste of time and energy. Many will lose their lives too.

Malaysian judges do not have moral principles, they only think of themselves. I have attended court hearing many times. After two sittings I can tell which direction the judge will take. Our judges do not hide their feelings and guilt very well.

Federal Court decision will not change UMNO's stand in Perak. Najib and his cohorts, Perak Royalty, Police and the Army will never allowed PKR to take over. Full stop. That is the reality many Perakians are already aware. The people are not stupid, they can wait till the coming General Election to show their true colour. In the meantime let the UMNO boys think they have won.

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