Sunday, February 28, 2010

IGP Musa on permanent leave

Rumours have been going round that IGP Musa was caught red-handed with millions of sin money given by the BIG BOSS from PORT DICKSON. Wasn't that the same guy that got the Chinese to vote for MR MONEY alias ISA SAMAD.

Well believe it or not today IGP Musa was spotted in the vicinity of Ampang without his bodyguards. The big question people are asking today is "whether Musa without the title IGP is now on permanent leave?"

I am sure many people are clapping for joy and would say he deserve to be kicked out.

Me I would miss him in a rather unusual way. Since my son was molested by Nora Zam Zam way back in 1992 till last year I have long distance relationship with him through phone, letters and email. What can I say except that he had always entertain me without fail.

After him, I would pray that AG Gani Patail would be shown the exist in the same way.

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