Monday, February 1, 2010

Audit the RM3 billion given to National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)

Heading "Loans for the needy only" Govt looking at asking some parents to pay for kids' education.

While the Government continue to LOOK, children from influential and well connected to the UMNO elite parents can continue to sulk dry the money meant for the needy students.

What make me sick to the core is why the Government can announce RM3 billion will be fork out this year alone for the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). I am not a genius for Maths but Malaysia population is estimated at only 27 million maybe this year it had increased another million. So if all Malaysians were to go for further studies locally that means everyone is expected to receive xxx million and brother that is a big sum that boggles once mind. I can buy five acres of land and build a ranch, buy luxurious cars, go round the world more than 10 times, send my children to study overseas and buy luxurious apartments in foreign countries for them. I can even afford to throw a couple of million at the Casino in Singapore.

Heads should be chopped and thrown into the sea.

Surprisingly since September 2009 till today MARA had told new applicants and students who wishes to continue to study for their honours and masters to look else where because there is no more money. Yes that is right MARA is empty.

While the Government continue to ga-ga, I am gathering shit to throw at their faces.

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