Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another crook off the hook

So now Najib had given instructions not to touch Nor the billionaire. What so great about protecting a thief unless Nor is holding something valuable enough to blackmail Najib? Will RPK come out with the details?

During Pak Lah's time, Nor was D MAN most source after. Anyone wishes to do big business must go through him. Nor used to boast that Pak Lah does not know the difference between RM1 and RM1 million and that Khairy is contented with peanuts. That was how great he was then. But every great man tumbles down in the end because of greed.

So if Najib were to fall today, I strongly believe this Nor guy will follow in the same foot steps as Nazri crying and begging to Mahathir for another chance.

There is a saying in Malaysia, "JOIN UMNO IF YOU WANT TO BE RICH."

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