Saturday, January 23, 2010

The tiger will roar

For the past three months Najib and Rosmah have and are still going round the world to promote themselves through an agency with the price tag of RM20 million.

When the G.O.D screw the Chinese upside down, Najib and Rosmah went to China to ask for pardon. Then when churches were burnt they go to Saudi and Mecca to ask for forgiveness. When the authorities mistreat the Indians here they go to India to ask for more investments but not forgiveness. When Najib planned and screw PKR they rise the price for food to destroy the people's bravery.

Today we Malaysians are treated to high cost for food, utilities and transport. Double standard in justice. Biggest fraud and scam in billion ringgit so-called projects. Unfair allowance to certain cronies, in the name of sugar, rice, oil and car APs.

For the next two coming weeks MACC will have finish their task in destroying PKR's rule in Selangor and UMNO will be back sitting pretty in their grand Indonesia Palace. It will be an interesting play to watch how the Royal Household will behave and gain from this grab. Bets have already been placed that the Selangor Royalty will behave better since there are less mouths to feed than Perak.

So will all the praying and fasting help Rosie the first lady with no capital letters to have a stronger hold on us?

So will the little tiger with a big roar silent G.O.D and Rosie????????????

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