Sunday, January 10, 2010

Najib still hoping to clinch another May 13

The recent attack on Churches was not what Najib and Hishamoo wanted but it was close enough to stir hatred and suspicious among the people.

Najib by saying he cannot stop any protest against the decision of the Court to allow the Catholic to use the name of Allah is a positive sign that he wishes the small and narrow minded people would fight the other races like what happened in 13th May l969, thanks to his father Tun Razak. But then Najib forgot he is facing a new generation of people who are educated and have open their eyes to the many wrong done by UMNO leaders past and present. This generation of people no longer listen and obey but know what the UMNO leaders are up to. Had there being a riot of a sort, it was Najib's intention to impose a curfew and make sure that all the opposition leaders are put behind bars so that he can continue to screw this country up without obstacles and his wife Rosmah would be allowed to face the public without shame.

Failure to start such a riot, now Najib had donated RM500,000 to the Metro Tabernacle Church to relocate to Batu Caves. RM500,000 is not enough to buy a site and build a new church, Najib and Hishamoo should be make to cough up another RM1 mil. But the Church is generous.

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