Monday, January 25, 2010

Another exit by Najib boleh

Another death, this time big Ghaz.

Since Najib began his Premiership this would be the 13 death and the number is going up daily.

I would appreciate if someone will do a search at the number of death to MPs, Royalty and cronies of UMNO during the helm of Mahathir (22 years). Without a doubt Najib would win hands down against the old man.

Many are saying Mahathir should be next in line on Najib's death list since he is making an ass on himself with the Allah, 911 issue etc but I am more willing to bet that Pak Lah will be the one.

People should not hope, pray or wish for Mahathir death. It would be better for this old man to be alive to see for himself how Najib, Rosmah and UMNO destroy themselves this year.

Allah is great.

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