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Strong Will

A MELBOURNE woman who spent more than 60 years in an iron lung to treat polio has died at the age of 83.

A Yooralla spokeswoman confirmed today that June Middleton died at her Thornbury nursing home on Friday morning.

Ms Middleton, who was struck down with polio at 22, marked 60 years in the iron lung on April 5 this year.

She celebrated the milestone with friends and her dog, Angel, by her side at her home at Yooralla's Ventilator Accommodation Support Service (VASS) in Thornbury, in Melbourne's north.

At the time, she described life in an iron lung in matter-of-fact terms.

"It's hard to explain but it's what you gotta do, make the most of it, get over the obstacles on the way,'' she said.

Ms Middleton entered the Guinness World Book of Records in 2006 as the person who has spent the longest time in an iron lung.

Khairy's undivided support

Khairy had announced to the world he has given his undivided support to Najib like the UMNO elite bastards.

I feel sorry for his stupid educated wife.

Confucian not helping when dealing with bastards

After what happened in Perak recently, I am still feeling emotional and angry. I know many people are also feeling the same and are helpless to right the wrong.

Given three wishes I honestly would wish that Zambra would drop dead today.

Secondly I am sick of hearing, seeing and reading Raja Nazrin's speeches without sincerity. So you know what I am wishing for.

Thirdly I am given the power to whip people like Najib, Rosmah, Khairy, IsaMAD who won in Bagan Pinang with the help of three syndicates and now have to pay with million ringgit contracts and other bastards in UMNO.

My friends asked whether I am not afraid if Najib, IGP Musa etc would do something bad to me. My only answer to that was MY CHILDRENS' FUTURE IS MORE IMPORTANT and that I only have 1 life to sacrifice. Anyway Tun Daim's greed and action had already beaten them to it. Mind you I trusted and thought I knew Tun Daim better than all his wives, mistress and children for 34 years. When it comes to money the…

Rosmah the Murderer

I received many requests from friends and strangers asking when that Murderer can be hanged or put away for good. They are just sick of looking at her, some even had to puke to attend functions with her presence. Many curse within their hearts.

Najib and his family members are aware that she sucks (she does that too) but are too afraid to do anything. Why? Just because she is into bomoh stuff. The stuff she implanted in her body, vigina and face is nothing to shout about. Hey I can name more than 40 Datuks, Tan Sri, Tun wives and even Consorts that have all these stuffs put inside.

My take is that Bitch is so thick skin and power crazy she forgot that IGP Musa going to fuck her left and right soon.

Ashes to ashes

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Once UMNO turn to ash, even if Najib were to baptize all its members, the party will remain dead. Understand the word dead - sudah matilah. Where can come backlah?

If the slogan or catch word 1Malaysia semua BOLEH pun tak boleh lagi what other hope.

Najib is NOT ALLAH even Rosmah a devil cannot bring back to life something already DEAD.

Abdar Rahman Koya stop dreaming..............................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Queen ZamBRA

Queen ZamBRA is forever plotting. Wonder whether Perak Sultan knows he is about to lose his throne to over-zealous Zambra? Now that he is legalized by the court as MB, he would be aiming at the Perak throne next, since Rosmah the Bomoh does not allow him anywhere near Putrajaya.

A Real Coward

Zambra thinks he is smart. In actual fact he is the BIGGEST MALAY COWARD in Perak. A real man would stand up to fight his own battle. Only a coward would get others to fight for him.

Oh those 200 blue anjing barking in batches. You are giving my country a bad name.

1Malaysia Musical Chair

Another day another joke.
Ganesan the BN self appointed speaker is stopping Sivakumar the legally appointed speaker from sitting on the chair.
All the Perak Civil Servants and Police are out to put a big stop to prevent the PKR from their rights and duties.
The Court making a fool of the system with flipping laws.
The Perak Sultan and Raja Nazrin is too busy counting their money to care.
The Perak people wishes the death of Zambra and you know who.................
Long Live The 1Malaysia Musical Chair that sits Two Speakers.

Overly Confident or Stupid

The road to hell is fun, exciting and straight. Once in the hell-hole there is no more hope.

DSAI had given us hope and a near impossible way to change but along the way he lost his way. He does not hear, see or touches our hearts. Many reasons with no answers in sight.

I do not know why the strong side kicks like Sallehuddin etc.. are not kicking enough of sense into DSAI. At the Raya Celebration in Kg Baru, the man I spoke and shake hands with was sad, troubled and lost. For the sake of our childrens' future DSAI has to wake up now or is Rosmah bomoh spell so powerful that it blinded him too?

Whatever the reason let's pray for a miracle and hope that if anything should happen to Keadilan, DAP should be prepare to take on UMNO in a very big way.

We want UMNO bastards and Rosmah behind BARS. If Najib misses his Rosie, he can follow her in too.

Wasting time

Nizar should not waste his time and energy to appeal to the Perak Sultan to put off the budget sitting.

The Perak Sultan and Raja Nazrin cannot get monetary gain from Pakatan so why must they listen? The Perak Household do not care what the people want, they are selfish and greedy. Their words do not mean anything except as a popular speech to curtain their sins.

Just wait for the day to come like what happened in Negeri Sembilan. God will right the wrong with two death.

Tok Guru the knight

Tok Guru is well respected not only in Kelantan but worldwide. He is the only knight holding PAS together. His concept and ways are simple and humble that are at par with us folks. He does not look down on us, though he has blue blood in him. A well brought up thoroughbred indeed. PAS will demise if there is no suitable successor to take his place.

Hadi, Nasharuddin, Mustafa and the incredible selfish and greedy Hasan Ali are not the kind of leaders PAS should have. We need an Islamic party, I agreed but not an extreme one to balance our corrupted leaders. The four mentioned had shown many times over they want to pull the people backwards so that they can controlled us using religion. UMNO is using their weakness and even ensure easy monetary gain are channelled into their ways through little smart tunnels to destroy PAS.

Will Tok Guru be able to get rid of them? My answer is YES.

2009 and 2010 is our chance to get rid of people like Hadi, Nasharuddin, Mustafa, Hasan Ali, UMNO, M…


Budget time is when you suck up to your boss and praise his thoughtful budget knowing there is no money in the coffer.

Painful Budget

Najib described the 2010 budget as "painless". Call it what you wish but let's face reality, it does not work for me. My family and I do not benefit at all. Me I am just a homemaker with a big family to manage. Hey if you look around even the Malays and Indian families does not benefit. Why you may ask? Chinese nowadays only have 1 or two kids. Whereas the Malays and Indians have more than two. Meaning more mouths to clothes and feed.

Since Najib became the PM. Many items have gone up in price. First was the rice, then petrol, taxi fare, milk, cocoa, butter, oil and now sugar. Are these not necessities? We eat rice everyday, we need transport to go to the market to buy food, the traders increases their products because of the increase in petrol. Children and babies need their milk. We need oil/butter/ghee to cook and bake. Every edible items require sugar.

Electricity, water, telephone and Astro charges exorbitant rates with lousy services. If one look clo…

Jangan mati di MACC

Pergi MACC bangunan Masalam.
Harap pagi bukan malam.
Saya hanya dua tangan.
Di sana banyak kaki tangan.
Kalau di saman.
Saya mau jaminan.
Nampak kurang selamatan.
Pergi dengan peguam Pakatan.
Kalau tahan minta Mahkamah untuk tahanan.
Kerjasama kita bukan (Banduan).
Pergi pagi balik petang.
Sudah malam balik mesti di benarkan.
Saya masih mau tengok mata hari dan bulan.

Saw Hock Hin
Taman Miharja, Cheras

PR for only RM20 million

APCO Worldwide an international public affairs and media relations had been paid a sum of RM20 million to boost Najib's tattered and bruised image overseas.

Imagine the amount of people can fill their stomach with proper food, proper home and students can further their studies. No Najib's interest and need is more important than us.

On the home front Najib is giving our lollipops to win the people's heart for the coming general election next year. After that we will see his true colour especially Rosmah the Murderer. Then we are truly dead meat.

Everyone should resign

80% homicide and 20% suicide that was what Dr Porntip had to say about Teoh's death.

What does MACC, Police, the doctors from Klang and UHKL and officers from Putrajaya have to say?


Najib is a weak leader who only knows how to lick cunts. At the UMNO AGM he opened his mouth with hands in the air shouting like a mad fool. Many said he doing the right thing going back to the middle path. To Najib that means spread open your legs and let me fuck you all.

As a Prime Minister all he does is go for holiday here and there and pretends to be caring for our safety etc........ Behind our back he continues to cover up for the murderers of Altantuya, Kugan and Teoh. Giving out goodies to the Perak, Pahang, Selangor Royalties, Mahathir, Daim, Air Asia, Rosmah's toyboy and many others.............

Najib if I am your mother, I would be so ashamed of myself. Stop fucking your father's name and bring the murderers out in the open and sack those pariahs.

Eat not enough

Najib said that when the NEP was formed, Malay equity was merely 1.2% and the objective was to increase it to 30% in 20 years. So far it only managed to achieve 19.2%.

I don't know about you fellas, looking and seeing the same old people getting to eat the cake sure is not right. Najib had a mentor by the name of Mahathir, so one must understand how he became a compulsive liar. Or simply because Najib had sucked to many cunts.

This is so not Malay enough


Your loss our gain

In Malaysia our politicians are a selfish and greedy lot. They only think of themselves. They think they are the only one that can lead this country because their eyes are fixed at the amount of wealth they can grab not because they want this country to grow.

Mahathir took 22 years to be a billionaire and almost lost all within five years.
Pak Lah took 6 years to be a millionaire and almost lost half of that within six months.
Najib a billionaire took 200 days to empty our coffer to cover his wife's crime.

Today I am happy that UMNO, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and MCA are broken up. It is their destiny for the wrong they have done to us.

On the other fence we will also witness the demise of PAS and Keadilan. Hasan Ali will play a major role in destroying PAS to a pulp, once Tok Guru leave this world. Azmin Ali will drag DSAI and the party to its grave because of his greed for power.

I see the emerging of a strong and bigger role that DAP will and can play if they can open their arms to welcom…

Malaysia tentu boleh

Get Vietnamese worker, dog missing.

Get Bangladeshi, Malay girls missing.

Get Chinese maid, husband missing.

Call the police, evidence go missing.

Call the witness, whole family missing.

Found medical report, doctor missing.

Government changed, funds found missing.

SMS the truth and you may be missing.

PKR win General Election, the whole country goes missing.

101 East - KL land scam

A kind reminder to Rosmah

Fast and Fury or Arrogant

UMNO AGM is not a meeting but a theatrical play that goes on for four days. Its best actors are brought out to boost the confidence of its sleazy leaders and to entertain its members who are there to have a fun time. During these four days, its members are being treated to big feast, first class hotel rooms, gifts and even ang pows.

My in-laws used to bring an extra large empty bag with them and by the time the meeting is over the bag would be full to the brim and their wallet would be bulging with cash. Upon their return home, they would mimic every single detail that took place inside the meetings and would proudly show their gifts and money. Eventually everything is forgotten and the old ways set in again.

My old man used to tell me that the Malays are simple folks who are easily pleased. Give them what they want (which is money) and you can get away with murder. My old man did just that and today he is one of the richest man in the world. He makes RM10 million per day. His wive…

Happy Deepavali


BN Mati

Dulu hanya berapa parti.
Sekarang masuk PPP dan Makal Sakti.
Masuk BN cari reseki.
BN satu kongsi.
Sekarang gaduh semua lari.
Tak bersatu apa kampeni.
BN kasi banyak sago hati.
Dulu minum di jalan tepi.
Sekarang minum di kedai kopi.
Minum kopi makan capati biasa tiap-tiap pagi.
Sekarang ayam punya kari.
Semua masuk mau jadi menteri.
Apa dapat penyokong dan akar umbi.
Sekali PPP dan Makal Sakti.
Mungkin depan sudah lari.
Sebab kalah tujuh kali.
Sekian lah berhati-hati.
Siapa akan ganti.
Sudah tentu Pas, PKR, DAP

By Saw Hock Hin
Taman Miharja, Cheras

Our Police Force Shamelah

I would like to share this article with you.

Johannesburg: Police officers must do their work and not "behave like criminals" and assault suspects in their custody or any member of the community These stern words came from a Khayelitsha magistrate during a bail application of eight police officers accused of beating to death a suspect two weeks ago. The six reservists and two constables faced charges of murder, assault, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice.
In Malaysia, suspects and witnesses seldom come out alive once they are called or taken in for questioning by the police. The minute they step into the station, they are immediately humiliated by being slapped, punched and scolded. Our police in their little brain, find this barbarian system works positively to their advantage to close the file before a thorough investigation had been done. Many a time innocent victims are ki…

Thanks Pete


Everyone to be blame in Bagan Pinang

Isa-mad, UMNO especially Najib is glowing like a boy who had just broken his virginity. These people only know how to buy their way around and never did care what happens to the country as a whole. EC Aziz thinks he had strike gold but I will continue to pray that the lash back will be greater for him.

PKR especially Azmin Ali should either shut up or apologize to everyone for not doing enough to secure a win in Bagan Pinang.

Azmin Ali, just because you are DSAI right hand man does not make you automatically a superior being. You are nobody if not because of DSAI trust. Your main job as ordered by Mahathir then was to be a spy to check on DSAI. Daim as treasurer of UMNO had to bank in money monthly into your various accounts overseas. I was told even today you are still getting your money not from Daim but from two sources close to IGP Musa and Najib. Maybe you can shed some light into this dark secret pact you had make with Mahathir and now Najib. I do not know why that Big Raja…

A promise is a promise

So Isa-mad won. No big deal. Ah but within UMNO the cracks are getting larger.

To deepen the wound, we now have to wait for Allah's intervention again. Yes, another three death are near. But my deck of cards keep showing four, three UMNO and one PAS state assembly.

Why are there monthly death like a woman's menstrual period? Altantuya is a woman, so maybe Allah says okay, your wish is granted since Rosmah (also a woman)is the one that killed you, so every month the curse will continue, till there is no more leaders in UMNO like MCA. Oh these political tsunami is more interesting that Harry Potter's movies.

The Great Divine is giving alot of small elections for PKR to prepare and learn. If PKR cannot see that and learn to be better each time then it would be a waste and Allah should not give PKR a second or third chances anymore.

PKR especially those selfish leaders in Keadilan should learn to respect and appreciate their own members and friends. Go to the ground and ma…

I had a dream

A win in Bagan Pinang for BN/UMNO. No, No, No..........

I had a beautiful dream seeing people from all walk of life in union in Bagan Pinang, to put a stop to end UMNO era as a ruling bastard. I saw the crowd that refuse to dwindle inspite of many special branch and police mat rempit presence at the five opposition ceremahs held on Friday. The determination on their faces says it all - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, NO MORE SECOND OR THIRD CHANCE for Isa and UMNO.

Believe it or not but I was there, I know what I saw. The Chinese will not vote for Isa, The Malays will not vote for Isa and definitely the Indians will not vote for Isa.

My prediction, which is never right but eventually will is PAS will win with a 300 margin over BN.

Together We Fall

Oct 11 2009 doomsday for both Najis and Isa-mad?

I was in Port Dickson out of curiosity to see how well BN or rather UMNO is doing yesterday. Nothing to indicate that they will win as reported in the media. What strike out immediately on turning to Port Dickson, are the missing banners of Pakatan members. It is too obvious the EC is leaning toward helping UMNO win just this election.

But Allah is a greater force that will help PKR to win the next four elections before the year end. So you think EC Aziz is that powerful and strong. No, he is just a chicken that is having difficulty trying to escape from being slaughter.

PKR just have to get their act together and work as a team.

Yesterday DAP dinner, I could feel the emotion and appreciation by the people for Nik Aziz and Lim Guan Eng. Few tears were shed to welcome their arrival. The last time I saw this kind of gratitude was when I was with TAR in Kenny Hill.

Would like to share a part of the speech from Nik Aziz - "We are al…

Dedicated to Rosmah and Ida Daim

I only do business with Rosmah, said the Carpetman. My relationship with Rosmah is only for business purposes. I am not sleeping with Rosmah, he pleaded. So please do not tell the public that I am Rosmah’s Toyboy.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The company is called Carpet Raya Sdn Bhd (company number 492434-H). The paid up capital of the company is RM8.7 million. The company has five directors who are also the shareholders of the company; each holding almost equal shares in the company.

But I am interested in only one of its shareholders/directors who goes by the name of Deepak -- 37 years old, unmarried, and good-looking enough to qualify for a Bollywood movie.

The company was registered ten years ago on 26 August 1999. The last accounts filed with the Registrar of Companies on 24 November 2006 shows that the company has total assets of almost RM90 million, total liabilities of about RM67 million, and reserves of more than RM12 million.

The revenue of the company for 2005 was RM122 …

EC Cuntfuse in Brothel Town now renamed Army Town

Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof should just tender his resignation to save face. A top civil servant who does not know why Pakatan cannot register as a coalition and putting all kinds of obstacles on the way, knowing Isa-mad is not the people's choice.

I understand that PM Najib had already promoted Port Dickson into a brothel town, was caught by the Religious Department with an artiste without his pant. So what stand still development will Isa-mad bring in the future or is he needed in Bagan Pinang to stage more sex festival for Najib and his ministers? Before you lest forget Rosmah the bitch can turn Port Dickson into Bomohdickland. Real CUNTFUSING.

All the Ones (1)

Najib's brain not working with so many ones. Maybe his one tiny penis is thinking back to 1Altantuya, 1Paris n 1Frenchkiss.

1Bigmess with 1Bomohbitch is very confusing in a French Bed.

A father's pain

Mr Setev Shaaribuu may be sick and old. His desire to seek justice for his daughter Altantuya's death and for the future of his two orphaned grandsons is still strong.

Najib and his whore cannot escape for long. Allah will punish them in a harsher way through his own mother and favourite son. Just watch.

Bagan Pinang tsunamisa

It is not the opposition alone that Isa is facing this election. But a bigger ambitious that is looking brighter by the day. First he has to do well and win a bigger margin but then...............

When Isa was the MB for 22 years, he was disrespectful and cold toward Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir. Isa for the life of him never expected Tuanku Muhriz to be the 11th Ruler of Negri Sembilan today. So having the support of this Royal Household is rather slim.

Najib had already promised Isa that if he were to win this election, Isa could ask for anything. Isa already has two big agenda in mind, that is to be MB again or to be Deputy Prime Minister. So MB Mohamad Hasan and Muhyiddin would be the ones wetting their pants if Isa were to win this election.

The next would be the residents of Negeri Sembilan. What development had Isa as MB for 22 years, done to make Negeri Sembilan a better develop state with so much of money coming in? Beside the Tuanku Jaafar college and golf …

Isa Samad third chance? No Way........

The names of Isa's lieutenants and their respective companies below are contactable anytime at your convenience to collect your ang pows, you need NOT vote for Isa Samad.

Tan Sri Dr Gan Kong Seng
PK Resources Bhd (PLC)
Development of Nilai township.

Dato' Chua Tiong Moon
Era Baru Sdn Bhd.
Property Development/ Investment Holding Company doing business in Negri Sembilan.

Dato' Yap Kat Boon
Different companies for different projects in Negri Sembilan.
Mostly JV with Isa's proxies.

Bagan Pinang will be Isa's final resting place. May he never rest in peace. For 22 years as MB he only worked for the Royalty and himself.

No-one can even remember one good thing he had done during that period. Now that scumbag thinks he will get another chance to siphon more. Forget it. The present Sultan will not allow it.

Najib and his fat whore can start licking their karma.

My prayer for Kugan's Family

What everyone suspect is that the police are again hiding the truth the many people involved in Kugan's death. The AG is talking rubbish. Gani Patail had failed to revealed the truth not once but many times. He is a man without moral and principles. To him, he is guardian to safe guard the Government of the Day. His position, title and money are more important.

To brand a cow you need more than one person to do that. Kugan is not an animal but a human being. Even a disable person will put up a strong struggle if a hot iron is near. The markings on Kugan's body show clear branding. Which can only mean he was either tight up or being hold back not one but by at least three person.

Charging one person will not calm the hearts of the public.

Forensic Joker

DNA on Teoh's blazer and belt belong to one deceased male by the name of Gopala Muniam.

I can think of many reasons why the MACC, Police and AG are diverting the whole case to an innocent party. One - So far only one person who was present when Teoh died took the stand, the other three parties will not be called. Reason be that they are senior officers in MACC. Two - MACC, Police and AG are afraid of what Dr Porntip will say in court. Three - Gopala Muniam will be make out as a thug, connected to PKR as suggested by Wee the independent party who was recently awarded for this kind information by Najib to go to UN. Four - green light for psychiatrists to interview Teoh's family. Teoh's family are still in moaning and hurt. Do you think the psychiatrist will know their state of mind before the death of Teoh, when he the doctor had never been in contact with them before? The psychiatrist has no right to talk to the Teoh's family members, in fact the correct thing to …