Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What about Rosmah the C4 Murderer?

Media and certain bloggers are calling Chin Peng a Butcher Murderer.

What Chin Peng did was to get rid of the British to gain independence for this country? But through twisted political events he became the black sheep.

In any war there are bound to be innocent victims being killed.

I too have lost family members during the Communist and Japanese period.

Why must these certain people make a big issue out of an event that took place even before they were born? These people are only interested in stopping Chin Peng from coming home because he is a Chinese. Had Chin Peng converted to Muslim I believe these same people would welcome him with a red carpet.

Today we have a Prime Minister's wife who had killed an innocent foreigner using C4. The same people plus UMNO members and media are making a big fuss over Chin Peng's desire to return to Malaysia are silent over her crime. The big mouth Mahathir is also very quiet.

Why must we tolerate such a crime and behaviour of a woman just because she is married to the late Tun Razak's eldest son Najib, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia today.

Najib and Rosmah are presently overseas. They are brazen to meet foreigners knowing their secrets have been exposed round the world.

Would you be happy to shake hand with a murderer?

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