Sunday, November 8, 2009

RM50 million Reel Mess

Why do film producers failed inspite of getting loan?

I am one of many Malaysians who hate to watch local movies. I find the story line boring like what astro is doing repeat, repeat same story line. Almost all are about women bitchiness stealing husbands, boyfriends, seeking bomoh help or fighting over money. Even the music does not uplift or share the storyline of the movie. There is absolutely no thoughts or creativeness in it. Our producers, directors, writers, music people are just block heads who can only talk and are arrogant.

South Korea who just came up within 10 years are producing blockbuster movies all at limited budget of RM1.2 m to RM10 m are making profit over RM20 m to RM200 m. Even Hollywood investors are securing them to make movies.

Many local producers and people in the movie line are self centre, bitchy, arrogant and into illegal business. There is one producer who thinks he run the police force like his own. Whatever the police confiscated, he will re-sell them sharing the ill-profit and only knows how to make police movie. A singer who is a bunian had to steal someone else’s husband to stay alive. An actress who seek the help of the bomoh to kill off a competitor. An actor cum singer who had to seduce a Tun’s wife and daughter for money and contract. A producer had to service men to get the loan?

There are many stories and facts flying around but do we really care? Our society is such a norm that it does not surprise us anymore. Surrounded by this kind of environment do we actually want to watch any movie with the same scene?

Give me RM50 m and I can make 27 m Malaysian millionaires, am I not better?

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