Friday, November 6, 2009

Not difficult if you are sincere

Most Malaysians are suffering from lost or lack of funds, bad health, jobless and stress over children's welfare. Our daily lives are make worst with the greed of the ruling Government who are constantly coming out with slogans, speeches, projects that does not benefit us. The Government should address the most important things that are affecting and driving us to poverty.

1. Jobs must be available with better salaries. Why are the illegals workers still getting jobs meant for us? One only have to visit Puduraya, KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Megamall, Central Market etc...every Saturdays and Sundays to see the vast crowd. Take away the rights of the foreigners working in food business as a start.

2. All top Government Servants, Royalty, CM, Tun, Tan Sri, Datuk, Ministers and the Prime Minister's children and grandchildren must study in local Government Schools for at least six years. Make it compulsory, then the Education system will improve. In the meantime everyone will continue to talk shit and our future generations will turn into dummies.

3. Install videos and recorders in all transport vehicles and central control over the meters. This is to prevent crimes being committed daily.

4. Improve the services of all hospitals. No more waiting for hours to see the doctors. Remove the long waiting date (8 months to 1 year) for operations to within 24 hours.

5. Stop spending money on maintenance to the Smart Tunnel. Since the opening this Smart Tunnel had become stupid with daily closure of two weeks for maintenance monthly. Yet the surrounding areas are still flooded each time it rains. Use that money to build quality homes for the poor.

6. Many acres of lands, properties are being siphon off by the well connected people to the Ruling Government by deceitful manner. While police reports are been make. Many files in the land office can vanish into thin air. The Government had remained silence and had even covered up this scam. Give us a roof.

7. Stop the easy flow of currency going out of this country and bring back our money.

8. Open the APs to all races immediately.

9. Revamp the Police, AG, Justice and MACC with experience and expertise men who are neutral in performing their duties.

10. Stop investing in bad schemes overseas.

Only 10 simple ways to please the people's heart, is it that difficult?

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