Sunday, November 15, 2009

Legacy of Tun Razak Sold to Satan

The opening chapter to the truth of a low class bitch by the name of Rosmah who holds the late Tun Razak's family to ransom.

Many people are disgusted with the behaviour and crimes committed by Rosmah the bitch but cannot do anything about it because the IGP and AG want to be the ones pulling the puppet strings.

The family members on the side of Najib have either been hypnotized or blinded by money and power not to see how devilish this bitch is.

She goes everywhere and pretends to be the guardian angel for the people but in real life, she broke up her parent's marriage, put charm on her own grandchild, murdered the women Najib slept with, committed adultery with her toyboy, bodyguard and anyone she fancy for the moment.

What about Tun Rahah the mother of Najib and wife of the late Tun Razak? Does she not know what is happening to her children or is the truth been hidden from her? Does she not want to preserve the legacy of her late husband?

Najib as the Prime Minister and his brothers are answerable to the people of Malaysia, to their late father's legacy, children, grandchildren and to Allah.

In return History will remember Najib, his brothers and Rosmah for selling the legacy of Tun Razak to Satan.

Najib divorce Rosmah and put her behind bars for the murder of Altantuya and others.

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