Friday, November 20, 2009

Clean thou home first

Najib has no right to barged into MCA to solve their problems. One can give advice or opinions, suggestions or even talk cock on the internet. To interfere is a NO, NO.

If any non-Malays were to do that to UMNO, God have mercy on that particular person and the rest of the community because then it is the other race that wants to take over the country and the next thing you know the UMNO members will raise the issue of May 13 etc and off you go for a vacation in Kamunting.

It would be best and good for the Chinese Community to decide the fate of MCA since they have become irrelevant to the Chinese. The Chinese on the whole are more mature than the other races and they will do what is right for the future.

It would be an honour for all Malaysians if Najib would divorce Rosmah and use his energy to solve his corrupted Ministries and Civil Servants.

Have you started cleaning your own home Najib?????????????????????

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