Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Big Bang Boom

We have been getting unusual rain for the past three days, a sign that the kettle is on but not boil yet.

Today is 4th November 2009. So will today be the start of fire that will blaze this country till Chinese New Year. I am willing to wager a bet the answer is YES.

We have two government and two speakers in Perak. One voted by the people, the other by the Sultan and the Court.

MCA EGM had voted the President and Deputy OUT. Now the President had a change of heart refuses to let go and two Deputies. One chosen by the people but was sacked by the committee and the other elected by the Central Committee. Under the law both are voted in legally.

Gerakan members are going to demand that the party leave the BN Coalition.

MIC, PPP and Makkal Sakti will continue to be like Three Blind Mice.

Bloggers and PKR members are now been summoned and charged in court for Najib's grand plan to takeover Selangor by January 2010.

The MACC chief Ahmad is hoping to get a Tunship and million Ringgit Contract for his retirement is working overtime to ensure UMNO move back into Selangor with the help of Civil Servants in the Selangor State Building.

The people believe Rosmah's greed to conquer and control this country using the Police and Armed Force will end the RAHMAN prediction with a big bang for UMNO in the State of Selangor. I still stand by the prediction that was told years before Najib came into power that it is his destiny to destroy UMNO and be a PM for just a term.

Before the year end this country will face another SIX (6) DEATHS AND 4 elections. The signs are showing everywhere.

It would be in the best interest of Civil Servants, Police, Armed Forces and Najib and his band of thieves and murderers to start praying for their sins.

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