Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your loss our gain

In Malaysia our politicians are a selfish and greedy lot. They only think of themselves. They think they are the only one that can lead this country because their eyes are fixed at the amount of wealth they can grab not because they want this country to grow.

Mahathir took 22 years to be a billionaire and almost lost all within five years.
Pak Lah took 6 years to be a millionaire and almost lost half of that within six months.
Najib a billionaire took 200 days to empty our coffer to cover his wife's crime.

Today I am happy that UMNO, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and MCA are broken up. It is their destiny for the wrong they have done to us.

On the other fence we will also witness the demise of PAS and Keadilan. Hasan Ali will play a major role in destroying PAS to a pulp, once Tok Guru leave this world. Azmin Ali will drag DSAI and the party to its grave because of his greed for power.

I see the emerging of a strong and bigger role that DAP will and can play if they can open their arms to welcome Ong Tee Keat in. I have not met Ong yet but hope to shake his hand to know his fate. Judging from his character since he became MCA president. I saw a strong willed person with lots of determination to succeed and revive the rot in the party. His climb in MCA was never easy but a difficult journey to date. DAP need a formidable partner like him to lead this country. Kit Siang and Karpal should retire as advisers and let a newer group lead. I have great respect for Kit Siang and Karpal but this country must be revive by a sincere, stronger young person for the sake of my children and many other childrens' future. LGE and Gobind should continue their present duties and not be too ambitious. A need is there to pull in a Malay and an Indian from outside to overcome the big machinery of UMNO for the next election.

Given a free hand and chance, Ong Tee Keat by far would be the best person to run this country today. But being Malaysia, Ong Tee Keat would be beheaded by the UMNO elite with the support of the Sultans except for Sultan of Kedah before that can happen.

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