Friday, October 9, 2009

Together We Fall

Oct 11 2009 doomsday for both Najis and Isa-mad?

I was in Port Dickson out of curiosity to see how well BN or rather UMNO is doing yesterday. Nothing to indicate that they will win as reported in the media. What strike out immediately on turning to Port Dickson, are the missing banners of Pakatan members. It is too obvious the EC is leaning toward helping UMNO win just this election.

But Allah is a greater force that will help PKR to win the next four elections before the year end. So you think EC Aziz is that powerful and strong. No, he is just a chicken that is having difficulty trying to escape from being slaughter.

PKR just have to get their act together and work as a team.

Yesterday DAP dinner, I could feel the emotion and appreciation by the people for Nik Aziz and Lim Guan Eng. Few tears were shed to welcome their arrival. The last time I saw this kind of gratitude was when I was with TAR in Kenny Hill.

Would like to share a part of the speech from Nik Aziz - "We are all born from the same Adam. You did not ask to be born a Chinese, he did not ask to be born an Indian and I did not ask to be born a Malay. If today I find a Chinese who is capable to run a State, I will be the first to support and help him to become an MB. Why you may ask? It is because I am a Muslim."

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