Sunday, October 25, 2009

Painful Budget

Najib described the 2010 budget as "painless". Call it what you wish but let's face reality, it does not work for me. My family and I do not benefit at all. Me I am just a homemaker with a big family to manage. Hey if you look around even the Malays and Indian families does not benefit. Why you may ask? Chinese nowadays only have 1 or two kids. Whereas the Malays and Indians have more than two. Meaning more mouths to clothes and feed.

Since Najib became the PM. Many items have gone up in price. First was the rice, then petrol, taxi fare, milk, cocoa, butter, oil and now sugar. Are these not necessities? We eat rice everyday, we need transport to go to the market to buy food, the traders increases their products because of the increase in petrol. Children and babies need their milk. We need oil/butter/ghee to cook and bake. Every edible items require sugar.

Electricity, water, telephone and Astro charges exorbitant rates with lousy services. If one look closely at the bills, one can see clearly 3 data fee charges in just 1 telephone bill. Then look at the electric meter how fast they move. The brownish water that fill our house tanks show no maintenance had been done at the plant. To have to watch repeats daily on Astro and charge exorbitant fee is another grouse.

A friendly and people's budget should include all these, as even civil servant with a pay of RM3,000 and above a month and four mouths to feed, clothes and shelter have to steal, accept bribe or con others to survive.

Everyday at the Tun Razak roundabout I see policemen making a killing even though motorists are not aware they do have the right to turn into Jln Imbi. 50 cars a day paying RM50 to kow tim. That is what our policemen are good for. Ask them to catch crooks and they go shopping.

Oh by the way, do you know that the UMNO elite are the sole owner to rice, sugar, flour and petrol plant. Mahathir, Daim, Pak Lah and now Najib you lucky fellas.

Would someone do a check on this Yaacob guy, you know the one Finance minister, now in Prime Minister department. Since he came into the picture, our money had disappeared and he continues to print more monopoly money at Vincent Tan's factory. Now the IJN issue... it is a wonder how Malaysia Boleh had blinded our leaders.

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