Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Overly Confident or Stupid

The road to hell is fun, exciting and straight. Once in the hell-hole there is no more hope.

DSAI had given us hope and a near impossible way to change but along the way he lost his way. He does not hear, see or touches our hearts. Many reasons with no answers in sight.

I do not know why the strong side kicks like Sallehuddin etc.. are not kicking enough of sense into DSAI. At the Raya Celebration in Kg Baru, the man I spoke and shake hands with was sad, troubled and lost. For the sake of our childrens' future DSAI has to wake up now or is Rosmah bomoh spell so powerful that it blinded him too?

Whatever the reason let's pray for a miracle and hope that if anything should happen to Keadilan, DAP should be prepare to take on UMNO in a very big way.

We want UMNO bastards and Rosmah behind BARS. If Najib misses his Rosie, he can follow her in too.

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