Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Police Force Shamelah

I would like to share this article with you.

Johannesburg: Police officers must do their work and not "behave like criminals" and assault suspects in their custody or any member of the community These stern words came from a Khayelitsha magistrate during a bail application of eight police officers accused of beating to death a suspect two weeks ago. The six reservists and two constables faced charges of murder, assault, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice.
In Malaysia, suspects and witnesses seldom come out alive once they are called or taken in for questioning by the police. The minute they step into the station, they are immediately humiliated by being slapped, punched and scolded. Our police in their little brain, find this barbarian system works positively to their advantage to close the file before a thorough investigation had been done. Many a time innocent victims are killed by these men in blue uniforms.

Take the example of Kugan, dead man tells no tale so the police can spin make believe stories by themselves that Kugan did not die because of the abuse but by natural cause. In Malaysia, children as young as three (3)years old can tell Kugan was beaten to death yet the adults in blue uniform can denied it. To lie is bad enough but to condone such act by the IGP, AG, Home Minister and PM, shows that the citizen of this country mean nothing to them except for voting purposes only.

Najib should insist that the eleven police officers be charged for the murder of Kugan. Beside that the four MACC officers who killed Teoh too must be punished.

Najib, do not open your mouth and say you will change this and that. Do the right thing yourself and divorce Rosmah and charge her for the murder of Altantuya. Then we will consider your so-called bullshit 1Malaysia. You must have been born with a very thick skin to shame your father's good name with no end in sight.

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