Sunday, October 4, 2009

Isa Samad third chance? No Way........

The names of Isa's lieutenants and their respective companies below are contactable anytime at your convenience to collect your ang pows, you need NOT vote for Isa Samad.

Tan Sri Dr Gan Kong Seng
PK Resources Bhd (PLC)
Development of Nilai township.

Dato' Chua Tiong Moon
Era Baru Sdn Bhd.
Property Development/ Investment Holding Company doing business in Negri Sembilan.

Dato' Yap Kat Boon
Different companies for different projects in Negri Sembilan.
Mostly JV with Isa's proxies.

Bagan Pinang will be Isa's final resting place. May he never rest in peace. For 22 years as MB he only worked for the Royalty and himself.

No-one can even remember one good thing he had done during that period. Now that scumbag thinks he will get another chance to siphon more. Forget it. The present Sultan will not allow it.

Najib and his fat whore can start licking their karma.

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