Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fast and Fury or Arrogant

UMNO AGM is not a meeting but a theatrical play that goes on for four days. Its best actors are brought out to boost the confidence of its sleazy leaders and to entertain its members who are there to have a fun time. During these four days, its members are being treated to big feast, first class hotel rooms, gifts and even ang pows.

My in-laws used to bring an extra large empty bag with them and by the time the meeting is over the bag would be full to the brim and their wallet would be bulging with cash. Upon their return home, they would mimic every single detail that took place inside the meetings and would proudly show their gifts and money. Eventually everything is forgotten and the old ways set in again.

My old man used to tell me that the Malays are simple folks who are easily pleased. Give them what they want (which is money) and you can get away with murder. My old man did just that and today he is one of the richest man in the world. He makes RM10 million per day. His wives and mistress can vouch he smells, eat and dream of money only.

Khairy still think we are stupid and dumb. When he spoke at the so-called 60th UMNO AGM the whole speech was hollow. I would like to question only two parts of the speech today.

"The Malay vision is not about defending quotas indefinitely but to stand proud seeing Malays succeed on their own strengths." My questions are - how can the Malays stand on their own if they are being spoon-fed and protected all the time? Which group of Malays are you referring to? I only know of the Elite members who are forever receiving the so-called NEP goodies.

Khairy said Anwar was like the pot calling the kettle black when he branded UMNO leaders as corrupt, voracious and racist.
My question would be - just name me ONE person from the Premier seat down to the supreme council, wanita chief and himself included, who is NOT a millionaire? Remember the waving of the KERIS and spitting at the Chinese Assembly Hall, which party did just that?


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