Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everyone to be blame in Bagan Pinang

Isa-mad, UMNO especially Najib is glowing like a boy who had just broken his virginity. These people only know how to buy their way around and never did care what happens to the country as a whole. EC Aziz thinks he had strike gold but I will continue to pray that the lash back will be greater for him.

PKR especially Azmin Ali should either shut up or apologize to everyone for not doing enough to secure a win in Bagan Pinang.

Azmin Ali, just because you are DSAI right hand man does not make you automatically a superior being. You are nobody if not because of DSAI trust. Your main job as ordered by Mahathir then was to be a spy to check on DSAI. Daim as treasurer of UMNO had to bank in money monthly into your various accounts overseas. I was told even today you are still getting your money not from Daim but from two sources close to IGP Musa and Najib. Maybe you can shed some light into this dark secret pact you had make with Mahathir and now Najib. I do not know why that Big Raja had not reveal your secrets.

A little understanding why residents in Bagan Pinang and especially the estate people did not vote for PAS, though they understood UMNO had mistreated them for so many years.

Bagan Pinang like the rest of elections before, UMNO leaders with the help of EC, Commander-in-chief and the police openly bribe everyone in sight. As witness in three estates, the people were given electrical goods, saris, flour, sugar and ang pow of RM50.00 each. After accepting the bribe everyone are told that they have to vote for UMNO, those who don’t (they can find out from the ballot papers) will be taught a lesson. Now these estate people are living below the poverty line. They live for the day, the need for food and money now are far greater than who knows what happens tomorrow. Circumstances and surrounding had prevented them from going against the big bullies, though they have been advised to accept whatever are given but vote for their children’s future. NO-ONE can blame them. Be in their shoes for just a day and you will understand. I am speaking from experience where money cannot buy that.

As for the postal votes, what do you expert these people to do when your commander-in-chief had given you RM300.00 and free dinners and repeatedly remind you that the future of this country depends on your vote to save the Malays.

Najib and his men are full of airs, only fools will believe and trust. Changes in Policies are just words without meaning. Creation of jobs are useless if the people do not know what to do. A Home is not a Home if you are just renting and cannot afford to own. With the increase of transport fare, petrol and now sugar how are the people going to survive for the coming days? Only the rich will become richer and the poor will have nothing but to sell their rights away.

From Mahathir, Pak Lah and now Najib, these are the Leaders we should throw stones at.

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