Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everyone should resign

80% homicide and 20% suicide that was what Dr Porntip had to say about Teoh's death.

What does MACC, Police, the doctors from Klang and UHKL and officers from Putrajaya have to say?


Najib is a weak leader who only knows how to lick cunts. At the UMNO AGM he opened his mouth with hands in the air shouting like a mad fool. Many said he doing the right thing going back to the middle path. To Najib that means spread open your legs and let me fuck you all.

As a Prime Minister all he does is go for holiday here and there and pretends to be caring for our safety etc........ Behind our back he continues to cover up for the murderers of Altantuya, Kugan and Teoh. Giving out goodies to the Perak, Pahang, Selangor Royalties, Mahathir, Daim, Air Asia, Rosmah's toyboy and many others.............

Najib if I am your mother, I would be so ashamed of myself. Stop fucking your father's name and bring the murderers out in the open and sack those pariahs.

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