Saturday, October 31, 2009

Confucian not helping when dealing with bastards

After what happened in Perak recently, I am still feeling emotional and angry. I know many people are also feeling the same and are helpless to right the wrong.

Given three wishes I honestly would wish that Zambra would drop dead today.

Secondly I am sick of hearing, seeing and reading Raja Nazrin's speeches without sincerity. So you know what I am wishing for.

Thirdly I am given the power to whip people like Najib, Rosmah, Khairy, IsaMAD who won in Bagan Pinang with the help of three syndicates and now have to pay with million ringgit contracts and other bastards in UMNO.

My friends asked whether I am not afraid if Najib, IGP Musa etc would do something bad to me. My only answer to that was MY CHILDRENS' FUTURE IS MORE IMPORTANT and that I only have 1 life to sacrifice. Anyway Tun Daim's greed and action had already beaten them to it. Mind you I trusted and thought I knew Tun Daim better than all his wives, mistress and children for 34 years. When it comes to money there is no trust.

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