Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bagan Pinang tsunamisa

It is not the opposition alone that Isa is facing this election. But a bigger ambitious that is looking brighter by the day. First he has to do well and win a bigger margin but then...............

When Isa was the MB for 22 years, he was disrespectful and cold toward Tuanku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir. Isa for the life of him never expected Tuanku Muhriz to be the 11th Ruler of Negri Sembilan today. So having the support of this Royal Household is rather slim.

Najib had already promised Isa that if he were to win this election, Isa could ask for anything. Isa already has two big agenda in mind, that is to be MB again or to be Deputy Prime Minister. So MB Mohamad Hasan and Muhyiddin would be the ones wetting their pants if Isa were to win this election.

The next would be the residents of Negeri Sembilan. What development had Isa as MB for 22 years, done to make Negeri Sembilan a better develop state with so much of money coming in? Beside the Tuanku Jaafar college and golf club, what others are there? I have gone on many visits there but no changes. Same old scenery, lay back and getting more dirty. A sleepy old state. Where has all the money gone to? Isa cannot and has no right to question Nik Aziz who had been on a very, very tight budget to work on Kelantan. Isa should be ashamed of himself.

To be renamed as Army State or whatever makes no difference to the Arm Forces, since they are just squatters there. As long as the Arm Forces can have their beer and women nightly, everything okay.

Isa is sneering at Mahathir whom he knows has no more power to stop his ambitious.

UMNO members are changing too and they know by allowing Isa to win, the Party will go down the ravine faster. Tsunamisa Indeed.

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