Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Najib its Negative Impact

Wow a big headline "Positive impact" followed by Najib saying RM67 billion stimulus packages have created jobs and raised incomes. Then he released statistic that is only on paper.

I spent alot of time in my son's shop. I meet many people especially this Ramadan. I talk, I listen to them. I go out to Masjid India, Central Market, KLCC, Sungei Wang etc.........There are alot of information the Government should pay attention to. All these bull shit stimulus packages does nothing for us. We do not benefit. It is the elite members like Naza Group, Proton, Air Asia, my contractor bankrupt friend who not only pay off all his debt accumulated for the past five years but am now a millionaire again when he went to see Zambry and signed the contract at 6 AM.

I am not a corporate person, but I am one from the ground who has to face obstacles and constantly been burdened by the selfishness of the UMNO Government. When a country is run by an incompetent billionaire, I cannot expect much.

In fact I am thinking of opening a book for the public who had been retrenched this year to show the actual figure to the government and how these people are having difficulties to feed their families.

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